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With many options out there for designing a website, why is WordPress still the best choice?

Approximately 25% of all websites use WordPress. It consistently delivers a professional and user-friendly experience for its customers.

These are the reasons it remains the best platform available:

1) Price

WordPress is as close to free as anything gets on the web. There are still some expenses, such as hosting and bandwidth, that are inevitable when you have a presence on the web.

However, WordPress itself is an open source system that can be hosted and used entirely independently of any hosting and or development company.  Once you decide to build a WordPress site you will have literally thousands of options for hosting your site.

The real cost of a WordPress website is likely to come from any extras you may choose to install; anti-spam filters on comments, eCommerce, class registration or on-page analysis are just a few examples.

Even so, the costs for these extras tends to be far below what you'd pay to develop most of them yourself, and they tend to offer a solid return on your investment.  

2) Ease of use

Like everything related to website development, WordPress requires at least some practice to truly master - but even a novice can quickly learn to use this platform because it was designed for ease of use. Even better, you probably won't have to learn all of it and there are multiple training resources on-line if you would like to do a deep dive on WordPress.

Most businesses these days get a website made for them, allowing them to focus on their business instead of being distracted with a web site that a professional can build faster and better in a shorter time.

This ease of use makes a Wordpress website especially useful for companies that don't have a lot of time to spare and just want a good site to help their business.


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3) Design options

WordPress has a truly incredible number of design options - there are thousands of different themes out there, and while finding one that truly matches your design goals may take a little while, it's still faster and easier than getting it by hand.

New themes come out on a regular basis, too, which helps encourage diversity.

Once you have the basic theme installed, you can focus on customizing it to your company's needs. This is usually a straightforward process and doesn't require much coding - although you will want to keep your SEO needs in mind. It doesn't really matter how great your website looks unless people can find it, which means that SEO is ultimately more important than any specific design elements.

Fortunately, developers are entirely aware of this, and modern themes tend to be created with SEO in mind.

4) Speed

5 Reasons WordPress Is Still The Best ChoicePre-built templates like WordPress have a reputation for being slow, but it's not deserved - the basic coding is short and simple.

What really tends to slow things down is the number of plugins and add-ons that a site may choose to install, which is why you need to be very careful about which ones you choose to use.

Done right, however, you can expect to have a website that's geared towards loading at the speed people expect.

You can also improve the speed of your site by working with a hosting company that supports your goals. If your company has any needs that are outside the norm, don't be afraid to talk to them and see what they can do. 

5) Implementation 

A good WordPress website can often have its basic structure up in as little as a day.

Now, obviously, that's not the same thing as having every page filled with content - but it means that instead of spending weeks or months just coding your site, you can spend time creating the content you're going to host instead.

If the website you choose ultimately doesn't work out for you - because, say, you weren't looking for the right things when you got it built - changing to a completely new site is just as easy.

The low cost, the speed of implementation, and the outstanding design flexibility have combined to make a simple, elegant platform that does most of the work for you. 



Breezy Hill Marketing is a Vermont web design company that works with clients throughout New England to produce outstanding website designs. Meeting the unique needs of our client’s target audience is a goal we accomplish through thoughtful digital marketing strategies and an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization.


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