As a marketing business that is still in our toddler years, we find we are constantly reviewing and revising our approach to deliver the best results for our clients. When we started Breezy Hill Marketing, we included social media marketing as a key component of our services.

Since August 2012, when we first opened our doors, we have learned a lot about the business that we do and how we can make the most positive impact on our clients’ sales. So, in the fall of 2014, we revised our approach from delivering social media marketing to delivering content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

In our opinion, content marketing is the complete cycle of information for your business. Content marketing includes the development of meaningful and engaging information for your target audience and delivers the information via your website and distributes the information throughout your social media channels and email.

The goal with content marketing is to pay attention to what your target audience finds valuable and useful, and to provide that information to your audience.

Why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing VS Social Media MarketingThe goal of marketing programs is to generate leads for our clients’ business. The progression and proliferation of digital marketing, websites, Google, social media, and the vast array of information out there have created a highly informed and cynical audience.

Traditional push marketing methods like print advertising and postcards, even online ads, no longer garner the response that they once did. Your audience is savvy and is looking for value, information, and…content.

Need Convincing? Read Youtility.

One of our favorite books, Youtility, by Jay Baer, does a great job of illustrating the new digital world where 70% of the buying cycle takes place online.

One of the premises of the book is that your buyers are researching their purchase long before they ever reach out to you – so don’t you want to be a part of their education? Won’t they be more likely to contact you if they received their research information from you?

What Does Content Marketing Replace?

Content marketing can replace your old print advertising, postcards, and newspaper ads. But it is more likely to be a complement to your existing website, social media, and communications structure.

With a thoughtful content marketing strategy that takes into account your target audience and their needs, you can infuse life and vitality into your website, public relations, and social media programs via your content.

What Does Content Marketing Include?

Content marketing programs can be fairly expansive in nature, or more focused.

Our programs start with creating a blog on your website that is updated at least monthly, an email newsletter and/or marketing communication, and social media engagement. We often include press releases, media outreach, news updates to the website, product content, and video production as well. It depends on the needs of our clients and what will resonate with our clients’ target audience.

Content marketing requires thoughtful design and quality implementation to create brand exposure and generate sales leads. There are many great resources that you can access that provide in-depth understanding of content marketing.

Here are a few of our favorite sites and blog posts:

Content Marketing Institute:

"What is content marketing"

Ultimate eBook 100 Content Marketing Examples

Link to eBook here.


"How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Business"

Social Media Examiner:

"How to Achieve Content Marketing Success"

Are you using content marketing for your business? We’d love to hear how this is working for you. Send us a note or give us a comment here!

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