Here’s what we loved about 2013 and why we are sooo excited about 2014!

As we prepare for the New Year, we usually try to take some time and talk about the year that we are wrapping up.

In 2013 we committed to this business 100%, opened an office in Richmond, Vermont, and met a lot of new people. During 2013, we lived the year of “YES.” We said yes to everything as a way of getting started and getting our name out there. As the year winds down we recognize what YES brought us, and we are very pleased. The bumps in the road were real and were hard but we made it through and even soared beyond them and now as we look ahead we are feeling excited about what 2014 holds!

Here are a few things that we love about 2013!

Growth: We really enjoyed working with new clients on their websites and social media programs. We love getting to know new businesses and new regions of the country in order to share engaging information and accurately represent them in a digital world. We were surprised and excited to see that our clients come from all of over the country, including Vermont!

Changes: Several of our clients experienced life-changing events and we were pretty excited to be there through the transitions and to help them wherever possible. This year brought some big things to fruition including new businesses, new jobs, and new family members. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

Old friends: Wow, are we thankful for old friends! We had the pleasure of working with several old friends from past careers and past lives this year and it was really fun. We are truly grateful to old friends who chose to work with our new business!

Teamwork: Building a company turns out to be tricky and requires a lot of hard work. Finding the people who want to take this ride with us and who see what we see in our clients and in the opportunities before us is challenging. We are immensely grateful for the team that we are entering 2014 with; we love the creativity, talent, kindness, commitment, and sense of fun that they possess!

Our clients:We have had the chance to work with caterers, Realtors and real estate agencies, wedding planner, financial planner, mortgage brokers, contractors, hair salons, healthcare and industrial technology companies. So many great people, great organizations, and interesting projects. So thankful to each and every one of our clients for working with us during 2013.

It’s been a wonderful year and we could not have been successful without all of the friends, partners, and family who supported us along the way. We wish everyone a peaceful and happy wrap up to 2013 and prosperous and healthy 2014!

Laura and Jeff and the team at Breezy Hill Marketing


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