What is a Marketing Offer?


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What is a Marketing Offer?

Marketing offers are a great way to improve your inbound marketing efforts

What exactly is a marketing offer?

A marketing offer is something that you provide to a visitor in return for them taking a specific action, such as giving you their email address or signing up as a member on your site. Most marketing offers don't have a price tag for the visitor, but they are never truly free. It's an exchange, not a one-sided giveaway.

Marketing offers are great for building your email list of engaged and interesting prospects and clients. Building the lists with marketing offers allows you to build a gateway that only the most interested people will cross.

The other goal of these offers is to provide real, tangible value to your prospects. If their first interaction with you is a positive one, they're more likely to convert into customers further down the line. This is one of the reasons that these offers have no price tag on them - most people think their email is a very small price to pay, and they won't balk at it the way they would at a cost of even one cent for the content.

What is a Marketing Offer?Good marketing offers

Companies can offer many different things as part of their overall marketing strategy, but the following are some of the most effective for free offers:

  • Spreadsheet Templates: A good template is something that a customer will be willing to use over and over again because it simplifies something they were trying to do. For example, a spreadsheet might tell them how much a given service will cost per month, how many bricks they'll need to build a wall of a certain size, or what colors complement their design idea.
    • Regardless of the content, the point is that the spreadsheet should be genuinely useful to your prospects. Ideally, it will outright solve one or more problems they're having - failing that, it should at least help them solve a problem.
  • White Papers: For more serious matters, a white paper can serve as an in-depth example and explanation of something your company did for another customer. Remember that the people who actually read white papers tend to be managers and executives - so it needs to be long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep their attention. Be sure to include a summary of the paper's findings at the very front - that alone is often enough to convince them that you're worth their time.

  • Powerpoint Presentations: Alternatively, any kind of self-contained slideshow - you can't really count on people having the right program installed, after all. These kinds of offers work best when you're addressing a subject at a fairly high level and want to convey the important details instead of the minutiae.
  • Educational Documents or Templates: Educational material is always popular if your visitors are there to learn something. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean "scholarly" content - rather, educational material is content that teaches them how to do something. Step-by-Step instructions, "How To" guides, and similar material all fall under this.
  • Access to Educational Videos: These are exactly the same as the above, but in video form. Note that most people would rather not download the videos, so you'll need to host them online somehow. Regardless, educational videos are appealing to a certain percent of the population and can help you convey things that are hard to properly explain in writing.

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Who can benefit from marketing offers?

Every company - regardless of size - can benefit from these kinds of offers. They're not quite as important as the fundamentals of a small business website, but offers are the kind of thing that help transform "positive return on investment" into "significant annual growth".

In fact, marketing offers may be what you point your call-to-action towards. To get the most from this, be sure to check out our guide to creating calls-to-action. Step by step, these are the things that draw visitors in, impress them with your expertise, and ultimately convince them to take the next step and convert into being customers.

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Marketing offers are an essential part of Breezy Hill Marketing's Inbound Marketing programs. We offer custom inbound marketing programs for clients throughout the United States and we believe in white glove customer service and creative design concepts. 

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