Is your website performance up to speed?

Many people, businesses, and organizations have beautiful websites that reflect aspects of their business but does visual beauty equal a functional website?

There are a few, relatively simple things that you can do to measure whether or not your website performance is up to speed and working for you. Here’s an overview of how using Google Analytics with your website can help you quickly assess it's functionality.

Google Analytics is the perfect tool to measure website perfomance

If you have not installed the Google Analytics code on your site, then go ahead and create a Google Analytics account here. Once your account is created you will have access to a set of code that either you or your webmaster can add to your website. This is a simple task that can be accomplished quickly and easily by most web masters or administrators.

What to look for in Google Analytics data?

Once the code has been installed you can begin to monitor the activity on your website and you can see if your site is working for you. Here are a few questions to ask of the Google Analytics data:

How many people are visiting my site every day, week, or month?

You can begin to evaluate your site simply by knowing how many people actually visit your site. You may have a lovely site with only a few visitors a day. The purpose of most websites is to communicate your product or service’s value to your target audience. If no one is visiting your site then finding a way to make it easier for people to find it is where you should focus. Learning more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you to improve your site’s visibility on the web. To learn more about SEO for small businesses check out this Mashable Article for more tips on SEO for small business.

Website Performance: How Can You Tell If Your Website Is Working For You?If you view your Google Analytics and you see that you have a decent flow of visitors to your site every day but your phone isn’t ringing and no one is emailing you asking for your product or service, then perhaps the visual and text content of the site is where you need to focus your energy.

Are you seeing an increase in website traffic but not conversions? This may be a result of your website's design and usability.

If your visitor volume is high then spend sometime analyzing what is missing in the site and ask for your peers feedback on what they see when they visit your website. Hubspot has provided a presentation on Slideshare that speaks directly to creating compelling calls to action for your web site. Take a look and see if you can apply these ideas.

How do people find my site?

One of my favorite things to look at in Google Analytics is the Traffic Sources section. By looking at the traffic sources section you can identify exactly how people find your website whether it is through organic search or a referral from another website like Facebook.

Do you know where your ideal client spends thier time online? Learn more about how inbound marketing attracts the right leads.

Understanding where people come from helps you focus your marketing efforts. For instance, they could be coming to your website from Facebook, Twitter, The Western Slopes website, or a Craigslist post. If the volume of traffic originates in one or two referral sites then you know to spend your time focusing on marketing on those platforms.

Do they find my website by searching the name of my business “123 Plumbing”, searching for my name “John Smith”, or searching for a local plumber “Richmond Plumber”?

It’s very helpful to dig a little deeper on Google Analytics and understand how people are looking for you in search. Again, looking at the Traffic Sources Overview section you can see the top search terms that people have used to organically find your website.

It's important to pay attention to whether you are being found for your name, your business name, or the keywords that you think people are using in search. If people are only finding you for your personal name or your business name than that implies that your site is not optimized for your key search terms. Take a look at this Wikihow article to see how to optimize your site for search results.

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Google Analytics is great place to start 

Once you begin to learn about visitors, activity, trends, and behavior, you become able to speak more clearly and directly to your audience. It is a powerful tool to understand what your audience wants to see and then give it to them.

If you would like to learn more about how your website is performing for you, give us a call (802-662-1625) or send us a message. We would be glad to help you optimize your website for the best results for you business!

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