Website Design: Do You Need a New Website or a Redesign?


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Website Design: Do You Need a New Website or a Redesign?

5 Ways to Determine if You need an Overhaul or If You Can Improve Your Website with a Redesign!

Sometimes you are best served creating a completely new website. And sometimes you may be able to give your site a boost with a redesign and some thoughtful tweaking. 

We've put together five areas to consider. If you've got the basics then maybe you just need a refresh of certain areas. If it looks like you're falling short on all five, it might be time for a shiny new website!

1) Is your site's design user-friendly?

A user-friendly site meets the following criteria:

  • Pleasant and easy to look out, without any overly-distracting elements (generous use of white space helps).
  • Helps the user find what they're looking for and understand the differences between different pages, products, and services

Looking around the web, you'll note that many sites have a navigation bar at the top, a shopping and checkout section in the upper-right corner (if it involves retail of any kind), and contact information down as a footer at the bottom.

These are things that the average user expects from a website because they're so common - and it's always better to stick with these common elements unless you have a clear and compelling reason not to.

Innovation is good, but as far as your website redesign goes, it should be focused on improving the user experience, rather than just being different.

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2) Is anything out-of-date or obsolete?

Sometimes, parts of web sites are just flat-out obsolete. This can take the form of showing products you're no longer selling, having too many broken links, rejecting the integration of social media... whatever the case may be.

Having something that hasn't kept up with the times reflects poorly on your business and its ability to stay current. Take a complete inventory of your site and remove things that are no longer relevant or accurate. 

Hint: Don't neglect updating your About page! About pages are an extremely popular page for visitors. Make sure you keep the information on your about page relevant and timely. Your situation, staff, family, etc., have most likely evolved since you created your website, make sure your About page reflects those changes.

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3) SEO Optimization

Inbound marketing is one of the most important parts of getting your website noticed... but if it hasn't been optimized in the last several years, it may no longer be providing the benefits you expected it to.

This is the inevitable result of the way search engines constantly change and improve themselves. Fortunately, if your site has properly optimized in the past, it probably doesn't need more than a few tweaks to get it where it needs to be.

For more help with this, check out our blog posts on Search Engine Optimization. We suggest paying particularly close attention to these common yet easily-avoided mistakes people make when trying to do SEO.

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4) How are Visitors navigating your website?

Understanding the behavior of your existing users is easily one of the most important parts of your website design. You don't want to remove or ignore section that's popular enough to be bringing people in. 

Services like Hotjar are a good way to get information on what your current visitors are doing. This type of service can give you a "heat map" of where your customers click, giving you insight into what is resonating with your audience, and the path they are taking, or searching for.

Note that services like these need to be installed for some time before it can gather the data you need.

For this reason, it's best to start with this type of analytics as soon as you can - that way, you'll have the information you need to determine what sort of updates will benefit your website. 

5) Look at what devices visitors are using

Website Design: Do You Need a New Website or a Redesign?You'll also want to know how visitors are accessing your site. All of the data you'll need for this can be found in Google Analytics - and the most important thing to consider here is how many people are using desktops or laptops and how many are using smartphones and other mobile devices.

Devices alone aren't the whole story. For example, if desktop visitors are 30% of your traffic but 80% of your income it is still a very important demographic and should not be overlooked.

It's always best to look at these things holistically and figure out the characteristics of your most valuable demographics.

Once you have that knowledge, you can focus on tweaking your site to emphasize what's been helping it succeed and minimize (or outright eliminate) anything that's been dragging it down.

Have any other questions about redesigning your site? Contact us today and we'll help answer them.

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