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What Can You Expect for Web Design in 2017?

Websites and web design are not static. Changes are happening all of the time. It's important to keep an eye out for changes and upgrades in web design so that you can ensure your site is not falling behind the pack and you can stay competitive.

Here is what to expect in web design for 2017:

1) Mobile First Design

When I say "mobile first", I don't mean "abandon and ignore desktop users" - but it's true that a majority of your visitors are likely going to reach you on a mobile device at some point in time.

In fact, enough of them are in this category that it's actually better to design your website with them in mind. This has a few important implications.

First, you'll need to work harder at keeping your content cut into short paragraphs. Mobile screens are small to begin with, and users don't like seeing gigantic blocks of text.

Next, you'll want to be thoughtful and considerate about where you place your links. That's because the thumb is not exactly a precision instrument - mobile first design means making sure each link is easy to click on.

Finally, you'll need to think carefully about how large you make each page. Mobile users aren't known for their patience, so the faster your website loads, the better off you're going to be.

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2) Greater Focus on User Experience

Web Design Ideas for 2017Many websites are built with the developer in mind, assuming that anything easy to maintain is better.

Unfortunately, that idea tends to compromise user experience, and that's what really matters. You wouldn't allow rude employees in a physical store just because it was 'easier', and you shouldn't accept a poor customer experience online, either.

There are a few key elements of web design involving user experience, and they are:

  • Responsiveness: An responsive website is one that can be displayed by a wide variety of systems and browsers. Your site should look good on iOS, Android, and all major desktop browsers. Most modern website templates already do this, but if you're doing any custom coding, you'll need to test it to be sure.
  • Usability: A usable website is one that's intuitively easy to use. Visitors shouldn't have to learn anything more than necessary - the site itself should guide their behavior.
  • Value: A valuable website is one that offers something genuinely worthwhile to the visitor. This usually takes the form of content or special offers, but the key point is that visitors should ultimately leave your site feeling like it was worth their time to be there.

Aside from all of that, user experience is directly tied to SEO - so if you make your customers happy, chances are Google will send you more customers.

How can improving user experience affect your search rankings? How UX (User Experience) and SEO Go Hand in Hand

This cycle of positive reinforcement makes improving user experience an important priority for every company.

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3) Less Stock Photography and More Real Imagery

Nowadays, everyone with a smartphone is a photographer, and boy do they take advantage of that.

However, it does mean that it's no longer acceptable to just slap outdated stock imagery onto the top of your blogs to fulfill the 'visual' part of it. You actually need to go take real photos, find a great source for unique photography, or perhaps create custom graphics that match the content.

Today's internet users are seeing more pictures than ever before, especially because they use apps like Snapchat and Instagram. 

If you can't take your own photos, there are great open-source photography sites out there (pexels and unsplash feature photos from independent photographers).

Take the time to find photos that reflect your brand and will pique the interest of your target audience. If you have the opportunity to insert original photos that highlight what is important to your business or organization, go ahead and use them. People always appreciate authenticity over perfection. 

Remember That Change Keeps Happening!

As web design continues to evolve, chances are you'll need to make more changes in the future, and that's okay.

Revisit this issue periodically, checking to see what the current best practices are and whether or not your current site meets those criteria. If it doesn't, it's time to upgrade.

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