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We love working with Vermont companies and organizations to develop websites that represent their brand and speak clearly to their customer base. As a Richmond, Vermont-based web design and digital agency, we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with clients in the nonprofit space, business to consumer, and business to business.

While Vermont is a small state, the businesses and organizations that grow and thrive here are diverse and engaging. As with all websites today, a website for a Vermont organization is going to need to be mobile responsive, secure, visually engaging, and easy to consume. We work with clients throughout the state of Vermont to help them achieve these goals with their digital presence.

Below is a list of a few of our favorite sites we’ve designed and why we think they’re effective.


Dee PT

As a physical therapy provider, DEE PT needed a website that was easy to navigate for new and current patients. The header features a large button to book an appointment, making it easy for new and returning patients to schedule a visit. Additionally, there is an interactive section listing different areas of the body that can be treated, which brings the visitor to a page describing services available to treat the selected symptoms. Because DEE PT has multiple locations, we included a large interactive map and a list of addresses on the homepage to make finding a nearby location easier for patients.


Vermont Nature Creations

As an artisan, Vermont Nature Creations needed an eye-catching and navigable site. We used a large banner image of some products available, which tells the viewer what is for sale and promotes a unique brand image. A CTA is included with the image to encourage the user to visit the store immediately. The navigation bar is simple and brings visitors to the most important parts of the site. The blog is accessible from the navigation bar and the homepage. We use content marketing to promote their services, including sharing informational blog posts and videos with tips and tricks. This content attracts viewers to the site, promotes the products for sale, and improves SEO.


vermont nature creations


Bear & Moosh Baby

The design choices in this site encourage the viewer to explore the shop while the soft colors and low-contrast images promote the aesthetic of the brand. There are several prompts to enter the shop, which gives the viewer time to scroll through the homepage with multiple opportunities to begin shopping. Half-way down the homepage are featured products to encourage viewers to look through the products available. We used images as buttons in the homepage navigation to give the page more color and make navigation more intuitive.


bear and moosh 2


Vermont Quilt Festival

The Vermont Quilt Festival is annual, so their site highlights the most important information available on the site- when and where. The homepage gives a brief background of the festival and further details pertaining to the contest and sponsors. The site is very clean and simple, which makes it easy to navigate and read for most visitors. The navigation bar includes drop-down menus, which allows us to make all content on the site available from any page without overwhelming the navigation bar or page with information.

 vermont quilt festival-1


NeighborWorks of Western Vermont

NeighborWorks is a community development nonprofit, so the homepage highlights the target demographics and their needs. Links to classes and resources are featured in the banner image because this is information that most viewers would be interested in. Below the banner are three sections that further specify the target demographics- those looking to buy, fix, or find a home. These sections help the viewer immediately find the information they need and encourages the viewer to explore the site further. We also believe that including the statistics highlighting their success in previous years reassures the viewer of the expertise of the domain.




Realty Works

Realty sites cater to buyers, sellers, and agents, so information for these demographics need to be readily available and easy to find. Like NeighborWorks, we highlighted three areas we think would best serve each group- those looking to find, buy, or sell a home. One of the most useful features on the site helps viewers find properties from the homepage. Visitors can enter in all the specifics they are looking for and be directed to potential homes. A carousel of available properties is also featured with images meant to encourage viewers to engage and explore the listings.




HEAT Squad

HEAT Squad needed a site to promote their services, so our banner utilizes a slideshow as a CTA. Testimonies, fun facts, and services are used as CTAs to get the viewer to enter the site. The site is mostly white with pops of color highlighting important content and buttons. Although the site is primarily meant to attract customers, HEAT Squad becomes a greater source of information when they provide useful content to their customers. Information on how to get an energy loan, perform an energy audit, and tips to save money tells the customer that they care about their needs, not just a sale.


heat squad


Vermont Counseling and Wellness

As a counseling provider, Vermont Counseling needed a website that would connect visitors with the available services as well as assure the visitor of their professionalism. The homepage highlights “Our Vision,” “Services,” and “Training & Workshops” because this information is most likely to be valuable to the viewer, and a CTA is featured below to encourage the visitor to call because appointments are made over the phone. A contact form is available throughout the site, encouraging viewers to connect with the clinicians. Collecting visitors’ email addresses and providing contact information is especially important for service providers as it allows them to continue the conversation after the viewer leaves the site.


vermont counseling and wellness


Your True North

This site is intended to inform potential patients of the counseling and healing services available, so an image with a CTA fills the homepage above the fold. We featured bright, beautiful imagery to draw in the viewer and connect with the values of the brand. The mission statement is also featured as the values of the business are central to their operation, and a testimony tells the viewer that other patients have benefited from the services. Like Vermont Counseling, contact information is featured throughout the site to encourage the viewer to share their information or contact the company.

 your true north


Vermont Psychotherapy

Dr. Robbins needed her site to connect her with potential patients, so the site promotes her qualifications and services. Beyond listing available services, the site explains what the services are and how they can benefit the patient. This information is important to the viewer and enforces her authority as a professional. Contact information is featured throughout to make scheduling an appointment easier, and a simple color theme unites the pages.

 vermont psychotherapy


We hope these examples provide you with some web design inspiration!

Thanks for reading,


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