LinkedIn is largely considered the premiere social network for professionals, job seekers, and corporate CEOs; however, it is increasingly becoming an extremely powerful and relevant business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales tool.

Using LinkedIn as one of your many marketing levers can help attract the right kind of customers to your services, while you have an opportunity to vet and research your potential clients. We've compiled a short list of ways you can use LinkedIn for sales:

1. Create a Company Profile and Keep it Updated

Arguably the most important part of using LinkedIn for sales is to make your company page legitimate.

Your company's profile is a virtual landing page of sorts for all manner of business connections, and having a profile that A) matches the theme of your other social media and B) has the latest, most up-to-date information will speak volumes to potential sales leads.

Additionally, companies are turning more towards LinkedIn to use as a reference when vetting possible business deals and comparing organizations that compete with one another for their business.

2. Make Your Management and Leadership Visible

Having an updated company profile may get someone to look a little deeper into your company, but making your leadership visible and keeping it updated will put faces to the franchise.

No one likes to do business with Joe's Lawnmower Service. They'd rather do business with Joe himself. To put it simply, it's the people at the top who make the difference to the business, and ultimately it's those individuals who other businesses will entrust with their money.

Another excellent reason to highlight your leaders is for networking purposes. If your management staff is well-connected on LinkedIn, you can expect to see more traffic from their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections, which will expand the opportunity for more LinkedIn-based sales leads.

5 Ways Your Business Can Use LinkedIn for Sales3. Optimize Your Employees' Profiles for Sales

Just as a job seeker will use LinkedIn as his or her virtual resume, vitae, and cover letter, your employees should appeal to the buyer personas your marketing efforts are geared towards. A little further research could, in fact, reveal that certain employees or a certain team in your sales and marketing group fit well with certain buyer personas.

As a result, your employees can feed off of one another to target certain buyer personas and draw in the right clientele for your product or services through their profiles.


By optimizing your employees' LinkedIn profiles, you'll ensure that their information is kept updated and their skills and talents will be showcased.

The overall visibility of your staff could be a major difference maker in helping possible clients make the decision to go with your company.

4. Share Updates and Be Interactive

The name of the game for LinkedIn is sharing your company's news and being interactive thought-leaders, displaying your expertise and authority. If your company has an excellent lead-generating blog, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share all of your content and proficiency.

Sharing these posts as well as relevant financial and business news about your company will showcase your organization, highlight the good you're doing, and keep everyone apprised of the activity of your firm. Make sure your employees are active in the discussions these posts generate through liking, sharing, and commenting.

Don't be scared to be the first one to start the conversation, but don't get too greedy. Sharing posts from other non-competing companies is also a great way to show that your employees are leaders in finding information and staying focused on the market at large.

5. Promote Your Updates

Finally, use LinkedIn's paid promotion feature to increase visibility of your company's updates and spread your expertise outside of your connections. LinkedIn has really stepped up their game, offering excellent analytics and click tracking, giving you a rock solid idea of who is looking at and interacting with your promoted posts.

Often times, companies are a little leery of using paid promotions on social media, but rest assured that LinkedIn has become one of the leaders for promotional advertising.

You'll never spend more than you want with the budgeting features provided through LinkedIn, and you can run multiple looks of the same paid promotion to A/B test side-by-side and see what images and wording works best for your customers.


Whether you're already using LinkedIn for sales or you're looking to step up your game, use these key takeaways to get your company moving in the right direction. The most important thing to remember is to keep your company information, published posts, and interactivity relevant and on point.

The more interactive your employees and your company becomes, the more sales leads you can expect to see from your LinkedIn efforts.

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