How can using Twitter for real estate marketing generate leads and opportunity for Realtors?

Twitter is becoming increasingly popular in rural communities and in urban centers. As more individuals and businesses jump on board the 140 character limit method of microblogging, the opportunity for using Twitter for real estate marketing also increases.

Twitter engagement is just like engagement on other platforms. It requires people to be social and support each other. If you are not interested in that – than Twitter will not be for you! But if you like the idea of getting to know new people online and helping them promote their interests while they help you promote yours, than Twitter is worth considering.

What’s really great about Twitter for Realtors?

If you are super busy – Twitter is a perfect solution. Twitter limits your tweets to 140 characters so you must be brief. Twitter also supports your efforts to help others by re-tweeting and sharing other people’s content – which is super fast too. Also, most real estate websites now have social sharing integration which enables you to easily tweet your listings from your website with a link that also leads to your website. Easy peasy. Note: if your website does not have social sharing on your listings, call us, it should!

There’s an added benefit for Realtors using ANY OTHER social media platform!

You can set most platforms up to automatically share your updates to your Twitter feed. Twitter is not the same as Facebook, Linkedin, or even Google+. On those platforms, I always feel like you need to be aware of how often you post and not spam people. But Twitter can handle a higher volume of content, the caveat being that the content should be good and should add some perceived value to your audience.

What is valuable content for your audience?

People love peeking in each other’s windows and seeing their living spaces. That’s why real estate and social media are such a fabulous combination. Social media provides the platform for Realtors to share unique and varied listing information. You can share nuances of the house that are harder to include in the MLS listing but convey more of the house’s features and personality. Here’s an example of an easy tweet for a listing: “love the morning sun in this kitchen. Amber color in the counter top glows! See photos here: #Realestate #Vermont”

It’s important on Twitter to share more than just listings. You need to understand what your community is interested in. Do you live in an urban area where people use public transportation, dine out often, or have access to theater? If yes, than providing restaurant reviews and information on new shows will help your community. Or do you live in a rural area that focuses on farming development, road repair and maintenance, weather concerns, and changes in education? Always engage with your users about the local issues that have meaning to them.

Our country is full of personalities. Understanding the character of your area and what people want to hear about will help you to choose what to share. Understanding your client base will also help you deliver what they want to see. If you tend to sell condos, apartments, and small homes to individuals and young families, then you can focus your communications around interests that pertain to first time homebuyers. Mortgage education, DIY projects, and information about neighborhood features and benefits will all play to first time homebuyers.

Who should you follow for real estate marketing?

Once you understand your community, it can be easy to locate the people around you who are tweeting and begin to engage with them. Look for businesses and individuals who talk about your region and follow them on Twitter. Search Twitter for your city, state, or town. Search for your local university and significant local businesses. Search for both people who are tweeting but also search the tweets for key terms for your area as that will reveal people who are interested in your region too.

Make sure to begin by listening to what they are talking about. What issues are relevant to your community? Once you get a sense of what has meaning, begin by re-tweeting other people’s tweets to your audience. It’s easy to do that within Twitter or you can use many of the management tools available.

How can hashtags help your real estate marketing?

Hashtags in Twitter are used as a way to group content and search for content. If you want your Tweets to show up for anyone searching for real estate in your area then you want to add the hashtag #realestate and the hashtag for your state. Many areas are using specific hashtags for real estate like #Palmspringsrealestate. Check Twitter to see if this is being used for your area. People also use hashtags to express emotion. This is done less on Twitter than on other social media platforms but is worth noting. Here’s an example of an emotional hashtag: #Iheartnewenglandcolonials. Highly unlikely there are a lot of these out there on Twitter but it conveys a sentiment about a listing.

What tools can Realtors use to make Twitter easier?

When it comes to Twitter, I feel like there are a lot of tools out there and you should really only need one or two to get the job done. That said, we use two tools a lot; and Hootsuite both help us manage Twitter engagement throughout the day and from multiple devices.

Bufferapp is a visually easy to consume platform for scheduling your social media engagement throughout the day and the week. It has a super easy interface that lets you create a schedule for tweets and other social media engagement for a week. Then you can load up the buffer with tweets from your Twitter feed or from other locations on the web. Buffer knows to add your next tweet to the next time slot available. An additional benefit of Buffer is the analytics available. You can quickly see which of your tweets received the most clicks or re-tweets and once you understand what people like, you can do more of it!

Hootsuite allows you to watch your Twitter feeds from your mobile phone, tablet, or pc. You can easily see what your community is talking about and respond from Hootsuite or re-tweet within Hootsuite. Hootsuite also provides the ability to schedule your tweets so that they are sent later in the day but it does not include the nice Buffer schedule. For this reason, we like both.

There are so many great resources for Twitter on the web that it is hard to know where to go. If you are looking for a deeper dive into Twitter and you want some more management tools, check out this post from ProBlog Tips on tools for Twitter. They include a comprehensive list with descriptions on why each tool is useful.

We are really passionate about using social media for real estate. It’s such a great fit. People love to see information about houses and we love sharing the information.

If you would like to dig further in the social media for real estate world, take a look at some other blogs of ours: Facebook for Realtors and Social media for Realtors.

Have you tried using Twitter for real estate marketing? Any tips you would suggest?

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