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The Keys to Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

Once you’ve created a Facebook page for your business, you have become a potential Facebook advertiser.

How to Harness the Power of Facebook Advertising

Understanding Facebook audience targeting for business growth.

4 Keys to a Winning Social Media Strategy

Have you ever scrolled through your competitors’ social media profiles? It probably doesn’t take too long to tell which of them have a social media strategy, and who is just kind of winging it.

3 Social Media Mistakes That Are Hard to Live Down

How easy is it to make an embarrassing social media mistake? If you’re not careful to avoid these common errors, you can do lasting damage to your brand.

4 of the Best Tools for Realtors on Instagram

Instagram just got even more Realtor-friendly.

A social media platform that was seemingly invented for showcasing real estate listings on mobile devices has recently added a slideshow feature and a Snapchat-inspired “Stories” option.

4 Fun and Effective Social Media Contest Ideas

What if I told you about a method of boosting social engagement with your brand that is not only fun and creative, but also simple and inexpensive?

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Snapchat for Business Marketing

It’s time for business owners to start getting serious about Snapchat.

The app is fertile ground for marketing, with a blossoming user base that surpassed Twitter’s in 2016 and some high-profile companies like BMW, Under Armour, and the NBA leading the way.

4 Essentials of a Winning Social Media Calendar

There is an immediacy to social media that makes it intoxicating. It is also relentless.

For a business owner trying to sustain a stream of timely, relevant engagement with your audience, your social media pages are always calling. But there is a way to minimize unplanned descents into social...

How to Define Your Social Media Goals

Discover what social media success looks like for your business

Why do you use social media? Chances are, if you’re looking at it from a personal perspective, your reasons are a combination of staying in touch with friends on Facebook, following newsmakers and celebrities on Twitter and...

Setting a Social Media Advertising Budget

Social media is free ... except when it isn’t.

One of the main reasons Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are so popular is because they are free to use. But there is a premium to pay for businesses looking to increase their exposure on these platforms.

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