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How to Use Instagram

Instagram has around 1 billion monthly active users, and more than 50 billion photos have been uploaded to the platform since it was created in 2010. Instagram offers a great opportunity for businesses to share products, engage with customers, and keep their brand relevant in the 21st century.

How B2C Companies Can Engage with the Selfie Generation

The Selfie Generation is loosely defined as a cohort of the youngest generations (think Millennials and younger) who are tech-savvy digital natives, independent thinkers, and enjoy snapping photographs of themselves—i.e., the selfie—and sharing these shots on social media.

3 Tips to Enhance Your Professional Services Social Media

In an increasingly connected world, social media has a significant effect on how businesses market their products and services.

3 Steps to Creating a Social Media Promotion Budget

Sixty-nine percent of Americans use some form of social media. By using social media to promote your business, you have the chance to reach almost 225 million Americans every day. If utilized correctly, social media can increase traffic to your website, promote your original content, advertise...

Why Facebook is Still Relevant in 2018

With so many different social media platforms available now, you would assume people have moved on from older platforms, but Facebook still proves to be one of the greatest social media tools for business owners.

Using Mobile First To Boost Profitability And Growth

Do You Know What “Mobile First” Means?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many business owners and managers don’t. But understanding it could be very helpful for your business.

What Does Pay-to-Play Mean in Social Media?

Have you heard the term pay-to-play in social media and wondering what it means?

It refers to the fact that if you want to increase your reach and have followers and potential customers to see your posts and products then you are going to have to pay for it.

Understanding Instagram’s Posting Policy

How to schedule your Instagram posting without breaking the rules

Facebook or Google Advertising? 3 Questions to Ask Before Deciding

These platforms take different approaches to digital advertising. Where should your focus be?

What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Ad Changes

Increased transparency announced in the wake of election controversy will affect how your ads are seen

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