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7 Web Design Tips For Real Estate Websites

What Are The Most Important Elements To Look For In A New Real Estate Website?

What are you trying to achieve with your real estate website?

As a Realtor, you want your website to be a valuable resource to your current and prospective buyers. You know you want easy search functionality, bold...

How to Take Photos for Your Website

Your website is a very important tool for your business; it allows you to connect with customers all over the world at any time. For many, this site will be their first experience with your business, so you want to leave a good impression.

2018 Web Design Trends and Tips

What are web designers doing in 2018, and how can I leverage these trends to grow my business?

According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans use the internet every day, which means that every 24 hours almost 250 million Americans are browsing the web to communicate, engage, explore, and...

Four Reasons Graphic Design is Essential to Business Marketing

Invest in it at the outset of your business to unify your brand and enhance your message

Why Top-Notch Graphic Design Makes for Better Marketing

Graphic design touches all aspects of marketing, and it’s more important in the digital age than ever before.

How to Choose the Best Font for Your Next Design Project

Fonts are key to the character and personality of your designs

How to Design a Call-To-Action (CTA)

How to design a call-to-action that Actually converts

We’re huge fans of marketing with great content, but providing unique and thought-provoking content is only half the battle of inbound marketing. After you draw your readers in, you need to convert them into prospects.

Tips for Creating a Logo

Tips for Creating a Logo

Creating A Logo: What you should know to get started Because logo designs are such a key part of overall marketing strategy and branding, it is one of the most rewarding (and fun!) processes to go through with our clients. In the last few months, the Breezy Hill...

Graphic Designer, Mat Koenemann

Meet the Social Media Marketing Team at Breezy Hill Marketing in Richmond, Vermont

Breezy Hill Marketing is a full-service marketing agency in Richmond, Vermont with a lot of talent packed up its small-town sleeve! Today we will meet graphic designer and web designer extraordinaire, Mat...

You CAN Build Your Own Web Site; Weebly vs. Squarespace

Since this post was written, both Weebly and Squarespace have evolved substantially. Additionally, we have a lot more experience working with various website building platforms now than we did at the time of writing. As such, we don't feel that this post accurately reflects our opinions of the...


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