Great content for social media is achievable for every industry and business. It’s important to remember that it takes more than just the post, it takes time and dedication to build a robust profile for your brand.

Social media is both a science and an art that takes commitment and creativity.

Each social media channel has a different audience and a different expectation for what is posted or shared. Not every business will have a following on every platform, but there is a platform for every business.

Find what other brands your target audiences are following and what channels they are using. Does your audience like humorous or serious posts? Do they like your photos in the morning or at night?

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the right formula for your brand.



Facebook is one of the most popular and diverse platforms and works well for many kinds of businesses. Facebook reaches a large audience so it’s important to post a mix of content, both in topic and medium.

It's a good idea to post both original content from your brand, such as blog posts, as well as news updates, information about your industry, and community news. This allows your brand’s Facebook page to be seen as more than a sales tool and shows that you are engaged with your community.

Engage with both your fans and critics on this platform. It is a great way to continue building a relationship with those who love your product. You can also find out a lot of valuable information on why people don’t like your product or service, and how you may be able to improve upon what you sell or your brand.

Interacting with other Facebook users makes your brand seem approachable and human.

Content Tips:

  • Share both new and evergreen blog posts
  • Share industry and company news
  • Host fun contests
  • Include links that drive traffic to your website such as blogs or service pages
  • Post exclusive discount codes for your fans
  • Use a mix of photos and videos
  • Don’t be afraid of live videos



Instagram is entirely based around visuals. Using photos and videos can really highlight or product or service, but it is more than just having good individual visuals. Instagram is heavy on creating a brand for both individual people and businesses.

Curating your Instagram feed is a method to showcase your brand. This can be done through color schemes, color patterns, and posting patterns.

Although the main focus will be on the visual post, words are important on this platform too. Your bio and captions should reflect the same brand style as your posts.

Content Tips:

  • Curate your feed
  • Use a mix of stock photos and photos you have taken
  • Use hashtags that are trending for your industry and create personal hashtags for your campaigns and brand
  • Use a mix of photos and videos
  • Post exclusive discount codes for your fans
  • Refer back to links in your bio to drive website traffic
  • Don’t be afraid to use emojis



LinkedIn is a purely professional site and will most likely feature different content than the rest of your social channels. This is a great space to share job postings, company news, and engage with industry news.

But just because it’s professional, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! You can still engage with people who like your brand through different content and show your company personality while still maintaining an industry-focused lens.

Content Tips:

  • Share company milestones
  • Highlight company leaders
  • Post job openings
  • Include links that drive website traffic
  • Use a mix of photos and videos
  • Share third-party content, like industry news and thought leader blogs
  • Don’t be afraid to use hashtags, but use them sparingly and strategically

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YouTube is often associated with Vine compilations and music videos, but it can be strategically used to promote and store all of your company’s videos. YouTube even offers courses for video creators to help you get started producing great content.

Within your overall YouTube channel, you can have different playlists. This can help you organize your content and split it between your educational, entertaining, and purely promotional content. This allows fans to follow your whole channel or just a segment of your business.

This is a great platform to speak directly with your fans because you are engaging very personally through video.

Videos should not be heavily edited unless it is promotional content or an advertisement. Content posted on YouTube should be very genuine and speak directly to your audience.

Content Tips:

  • Video is the only format that can be posted
  • Post a mix of educational, fun, and promotional videos
  • Make your channel genuine and speak directly to your audience
  • Showcase events that you host or attend
  • Include call-to-actions in your videos
  • Collaborate with partnered businesses or influencers
  • Include links in your video’s description to drive website traffic



Twitter is a great platform to engage with your customers, fans, and critics. Many people take to this platform to air both their complaints and praises. Engaging with both allows your brand to be seen as responsive and trustworthy.

This social media platform is fast-paced and can feel overwhelming to create enough content to keep up. Share posts from your other social media sites and Retweet companies you follow to help fill your Twitter feed.

Be sure to show your personality and voice through these Tweets. Some brands have increased recognition and brand loyalty due to their Twitter because they are responsive, funny, and engaging on the platform.

Content Tips:

  • Use a mix of visuals when posting including GIFs, photos, and videos
  • Ask questions or run polls for a different form of content
  • Retweet, like, and comment on Tweets from brands you follow
  • Use hashtags that are trending for your industry and create personal hashtags for your campaigns and brand
  • Share content from your blog and other social media sites
  • Connect with your customers by engaging with them when they mention you in a Tweet or direct message you
  • Let your brand’s personality shine on this platform


Social media is a great tool to help you market and advertise to your customers in an engaging and subtle way. Building your brand by creating compelling content and posting consistently, can help boost your sales and turn one-time customers into loyal fans.




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