Your website is a very important tool for your business; it allows you to connect with customers all over the world at any time. For many, this site will be their first experience with your business, so you want to leave a good impression.

There are 1.9 million live websites on the internet-  so you want to put some thought in to how you will make yours stand out.

Having a strong brand identity will help customers remember you, and unique imagery helps to establish that brand. By taking your own photos, you are able to take control of exactly what is on your site.

Even if you aren’t a photography expert, you can still take great photos!

You don’t even need a fancy camera. If you take the right steps to get quality photos, you can use a cell phone camera for great personal imagery. Keep in mind that  200kb is suggested for photos used on websites.

Larger files will give more editing flexibility, while smaller photos will be very limited in editing and will be pixelated if you try to enlarge them.


The layout of your photo has a huge impact on the image and the story it tells. Keep the Rule of Thirds in mind when composing a photo- objects closer to the edges of a picture plane will hold more weight, which attracts the viewer’s eye and creates a more interesting composition.

This rule is especially important when choosing a hero image, which is the large photo you first see on many landing pages. By following the rule of thirds, you will be able to pair typography more easily with the image while maintaining an interesting page composition. 

Hero image composition

Color is also a very important aspect of photography. You will want to take photos with colors that complement your website design and work with your brand, so make sure you know what your color palette is before taking photos.

Color palettes should be cohesive, but including a few contrasting colors will allow you to make certain parts of your website stand out.

Also pay attention to how colors interact in a photo- “warmer” colors (hues closer to red) tend to pop forward, while “cooler” colors (hues closer to blue) tend to fall to the background. This photo uses two very contrasting colors, but the simple blue background allows the figure to stand out and grab the viewer’s attention.

Know your product

If your website is for a service or organization, you will want to show your visitors what your company does and the community you’ve created. Photos of people, especially employees, are a great source of unique imagery that can establish your brand and give your customers a more human connection to your company.

When taking photos of people, pay attention to negative space. You want the figures to be the focus of the image, so use simple backgrounds that will stay in the back and not distract from the focal point.

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Close-ups portraits are also a great way to add a personal touch to your site, allowing the visitor to connect with the members of your community. More complex backgrounds can be blurred by adjusting the camera aperture or through digital editing.

For photos of products, you’re going to want to pay attention to your lighting. Your product photos should reflect your brand, but you can always use a simple white backdrop for more traditional product photos.

You can invest in a lighting kit which will give more versatile lighting options, but natural lighting works well too!

Quality images

Smartphone cameras are constantly improving, so depending on your phone you might not even need a digital camera. Quality smartphone cameras can be used to shoot any of these photos, just make sure to keep the camera steady and focused. Sharp, clear images are best and will look much better on your site than fuzzy or pixelated images.

Original imagery will make a greater impact on your visitors than stock images. By following a few simple steps, you can take a great photo with only your cell phone. Just remember to compose a strong composition, pay attention to the color palette, mind the file size, and most importantly, focus on the message you want to communicate to your audience.

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