What is the secret to success in digital marketing? Here's our answer...

Recently, I find I have been describing digital marketing as a three legged stool. I think it is a helpful visual in understanding how to make your marketing really sing and work for you. Here's my summary of the three legs:

1. Your Website

Ensuring your digital homebase, your website, is in great shape. It should be saying what you want it to say, to the people you want to talk with.

* We recommend that clients begin any new digital marketing program by evaluating and updating their website first. Our clients have had great success by focusing on their primary digital asset, their website.

2. Content Marketing

Employing content and communication programs that seek to provide value and engage your audience.

Download our free website content checklist to ensure that you have all the elements of a successful website.

If your website is ready, then it is time to find and engage your audience. One of our marketing clients experienced an 80% increase in website traffic after several months of a thoughtful social media, blog, and email marketing program being implemented. This is content marketing. You can learn more about it here.

3. Digital Advertising

Digital advertising to ensure that you are being seen by your prospects when they are looking for your specific services.

Digital advertising gives you that leg up on your competition by delivering your business's name and value proposition, right at the top of search results. Or it reminds your visitors of your product or service through low-key, but impactful remarketing programs.

3 Legs of Digital marketingBy executing these three marketing strategies in tandem, you ensure greater success than with any one leg of the stool alone.

Through years of marketing experience handling clients in a wide range of industries, and through our own business marketing, we've learned a lot. And as we've evolved, we're moving away from offering piecemeal marketing quick fixes. Why? We are seeing that it is the comprehensive approach, the full three legs of the stool, that is really driving results and moving the needle for our clients. What do you think about our 3 legged stool analogy? Does that make sense to you?

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