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Getting the most out of your business’s social media presence means designing attention-grabbing images and videos for organic posting or paid advertising.

But where do you go for high-quality, creative visual assets to leverage on social?

Fortunately, we live in the age of the Internet, when many valuable tools and services are either super affordable or totally free. You don’t need a big budget to make a big splash and drive positive results for your business.

Work with your existing product images and videos, or use your mobile phone camera to gather new visual assets when the inspiration hits. Let your imagination soar with the use of powerful photo and video editing tools.

Find inspiration in these tools and tips for creating memorable social media posts and ads for your business.

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Tool: Legend

Tip: Legend is a text animator that gives life to words and phrases in a variety of ways. Text that moves adds flair to your message beyond what you can accomplish with static letters. Play with colors, fonts, and movements to overlay onto your photos and videos.

Tool: Adobe Clip

Tip: This video editing app lets you transform raw video into fun, stop-motion animation, among other things, right from your mobile phone.

Tool: Instagram Boomerang

Tip: Use this mobile app to turn your images into loops that play forward and backward. Boomerang takes a burst of photos with your phone camera and stitches them together into a looping video ready to post to Instagram and saved to your phone’s camera roll.

Tool: Piclab Studio

Tip: This photo editing and graphic design mobile app is like having Adobe Photoshop on your phone. Use it to layer all sorts of text and graphic elements over your images, create moods, and brand your photos with creative use of your logo.

Tool: Gif Boom

Tip: Use this gif generator for product animations. For example, showcase the different color options on a loop all in the same frame.

Tool: iMovie

Tip: Native to iPhones, this app allows you to take a long-play video and cut it up into smaller bites, perfect for a carousel ad on Facebook or Instagram. Use the Squaresize app to crop your video for optimal carousel presentation.

Tool: Product catalog upload and Facebook Pixel

Tip: When you upload your product catalog to Facebook and Instagram, you have the makings of a great carousel ad. Each product photo can contain its own pricing, and call-to-action.

Use Facebook Pixel’s tracking codes to retarget people who have viewed a product on your website with an ad that presents that product again on Facebook.

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Tool: Slideshow

Tip: Slideshows are similar to carousel presentations but the images autoplay in one frame.

Using these tools can be akey part of your social media strategy. Whether posting organically or paying for amplification, use these tools to create top quality posts.

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