Can you do social media in 5 minutes a day? Have you seen the articles promising quick social media success with little daily time commitment? Don’t believe it.

Here’s what we want everyone who is considering social media marketing for their business to understand: It Takes Time. Good social media is a slow, organic process that takes time to cultivate and see results.

Here are some questions you may have about social media that we will cover in this post:

  • How can you be successful with social media?
  • Where do you start with your social media program?
  • What does success with social media look like?

How Can You Be Successful with Social Media? Start with a goal in mind. What’s your goal?

  • Generating sales?
  • Driving traffic to your website?
  • Gaining exposure for your brand?
  • Establishing yourself or your business as an expert in your space?

All of these are goals that can be set for a social media program and done correctly, thoughtfully, and with time, can be achieved.

It is worth noting at this time that you should ask yourself if these goals are BEST achieved with social media? Perhaps there is another vehicle like digital advertising or email marketing that would be a more direct hit for your specific goals? It is something to consider before you embark on a social media campaign or program.

Yes, Social Media is the Right Answer for MY Business!

Awesome. If social media is the right answer for you then the next step is to think through the social media sites that you want to have a presence on…depending on what you want to do, each platform has a benefit to be gained. After much experience working in social media, we recommend that you do two things first:

  1. Reserve your Business on social media platforms. Go ahead and create accounts on the major platforms using your business or brand name. By doing this you insure that you have the accounts in your brand name when you are ready to use them. Social Media Examiner has created a great guide to getting started with social media. Check it out here.
  2. Choose one platform to focus on first, dig in, spend time, listen, and then engage. Go ahead and become an expert on one platform and then add another and so on.

Here are our two cents on a variety of social media platforms:


Google has publicly stated that they include Google+ engagement and activity in their search algorithms.. In addition, the +1 button has been integrated into Google search enabling users to quickly see content that has received a plus one beside the information.

Google+ offers its own unique benefits to users by providing the chance to engage in communities created by others and giving anyone the opportunity to create a community and provide others with access to the community.


Facebook is a primary platform for business and we have witnessed significant increases in traffic to our clients’ business websites based on increased engagement on Facebook. The focus with Facebook is to share content that your target audience wants to see and to keep talking with them on the platform. When engaging on Facebook, make sure to support other companies and organizations by liking and commenting on their posts and shares.

A Caveat: Facebook has entered the pay to play realm and it is essential that you budget money to promote your page to acquire likes and promote your posts so that people see them. Currently, the cost to get initial exposure is minimal and can be worth the money, depending on your goals.

The Good News: The Facebook Advertising portal enables targeted campaigns, which means that you can target Social Media Platform Development and Social Media Engagement to specific people, in a specific age group, in a specific zip code. This focused advertising will further support your ability to get your brand into the market with increased engagement.


Over 74 Million professionals have Linkedin profiles and are actively working this platform. It is the professional person’s sphere of influence. When a person is being vetted for a job, often LinkedIn is one of the places where they are researched. Their career history and their professional relationships are visible and can be evaluated. This is why we strongly recommend that every business owner have a complete Linkedin profile and that they connect with their sphere of influence on Linkedin.

Ongoing engagement with LinkedIN involves supporting others in your network through status update likes, endorsements, and references. A daily share of a blog post, article of relevance, or new listing is also an import aspect of Linkedin engagement.

A second step with LinkedIn is to create a company page on the site. A company page gives you the opportunity to share information about your services and products. It is a great starting place for people to research your brand.


Pinterest is a steadily growing platform that is visually engaging. It is a fantastic site for photography, how to articles, and interesting graphics. Pinterest provides a unique benefit of allowing each pin to include a hyperlink to the original website where the photo or image came from.

In addition, many people who are resistant to other forms of social media find Pinterest to be an appealing platform that does not include perceived negatives of other platforms.

Similar to other platforms, you can seek appropriate individuals, companies, and organizations to follow. The focus on Pinterest includes engaging with people and companies that share the same niche interest, not just the regional interests.


Twitter is about time, volume, and brevity. Twitter for Business means locating the people and companies in your community who are actively tweeting. Joining the local Twitter community enables your team to benefit from support of others who are sharing timely information that benefits each other on Twitter.

Twitter is a slow build, where you gain followers as you provide value to your audience and you help others communicate their message. Over time, Twitter can become a source of referral traffic to your website and a method for communicating information to your audience quickly. Other platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and YouTube can feed a Twitter stream and Twitter promotion can help to drive exposure to other your engagement on other platforms.

How do you know if you are successful? What does success look like?

This is where your goals come into play and your patience. Social media takes a slow and thoughtful pace. Success with social is often seen as increased brand exposure (can be measured by engagement, likes, word of mouth inquiries), increased traffic to your website (referring traffic measured with Google Analytics) , more inquiries to your business, more sales, and the beginning of an online community for your business. Understanding how you will measure success will help you know when you are on the road to success.

Social Media Marketing is good for your business, but it takes time.

We believe in social media marketing, but we think it takes time, requires a thoughtful approach, and much generosity. Social media marketing is not a quick fix but can be a great generator of customer engagement, insight, and additional revenue.

Are you ready to take the leap into social media marketing? Do you have more than five minutes a day to commit to it? Great. Jump in!

Want more information about using social media for small business marketing? Check out tips here:

What do you think? Can you “do” social media in five minutes a day?

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