Can Small Businesses Use Inbound Marketing?


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How Can A Small Business Benefit from The Power of Inbound Marketing?

Big businesses have been using inbound marketing for years to promote their brands and leverage their websites as a lead and sales generating mechanism. But just because big business uses inbound, doesn't mean that small businesses can't benefit and even thrive using inbound marketing.

The key for small businesses is to plan their inbound strategies appropriately and to use the correct tools in their proper places in order to better leverage the resources they have. Let's take a look at some of the steps you should take to implement inbound marketing into your marketing strategy.


Planning is crucial for any small business. If you're the owner or at least the director of marketing, you know how easily time can get away from you day-to-day and week-to-week. This is why planning is super important for executing a successful inbound marketing program, and a solid inbound marketing strategy will get you moving in the right direction to boost your website's effectiveness.

Of course, starting with the basics and identifying you buyer personas and working out from there is essential. From there, review the keywords you're using to attract potential buyers, zero in on their journey through your content, and plan your inbound efforts around those basic elements. Always keeping your buyer in mind; however, is the key to a successful inbound program.

How do I create the right strategy for my small business marketing? Three Keys of A Small Business Marketing Strategy


In your busy work world, using the right tools will help make your marketing more effective and make your life a lot easier. Instead of putting together the individual pieces of inbound marketing, consider using an integrated all-in-one inbound platform such as HubSpot.

With HubSpot, all of your keywords, blog posts, and offers are integrated into one another seamlessly. In addition, you'll get exceptional data and be able to quantify the effectiveness of your overall inbound efforts.

In addition to an all-in-one marketing suite, consider using an email marketing campaign manager like MailChimp. MailChimp, and other similar software, will help you see how effective your email blasts are and give you an opportunity to evaluate how well and how effectively they're reaching your targeted buyer personas.

Never underestimate the power of marketing automation!

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While resources are often considered a limiting factor to most small businesses, from an inbound marketing perspective resources are a crucial part of growing your business. It's important to differentiate the resources you have at your disposal into internal and external resources.

Internal resources, simply, are something within your existing business you can leverage to help accomplish your content and marketing goals. A driven staff member with interests in marketing or extra time to complete tasks is a major internal resource to tap into.

Your company's social media, website, and professional services (think photography) are another valuable ally in the inbound marketplace.

External resources, on the other hand, can help you deflect some of the work you and your staff do by outsourcing to qualified professionals.

Zerys is a great platform to find quality, professional writers to help write your blog posts or jump on Pexels to find some great images to use on your next blog post or website publication.

Think Local: SEO

Local SEO can be a big booster to many small businesses. Copy of Copy of sailorsclub (7).pngOften times, the local SEO market is under-utilized and a growing small business can really benefit from putting themselves in the local limelight. By becoming more connected in the community and getting involved with other local businesses, you help bridge the gap between the people around you and your brand.

Using Google Business can help small businesses get on the proverbial map (no pun intended) by using Google's long outstretched arms to draw more customers to your company. Google for Business gives you complete control of your brand without interference from third party apps that will fill in the blanks for you. Simply start a Google Business page and drive more traffic to your company.

Inbound marketing is all about ideas and converting those ideas into something tangible and meaningful to your customers. It starts with planning, using the right tools, and leveraging the resources around you in order to optimize the brand you've worked so hard to build.

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