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Give Your Website Redesign A Solid Foundation By Building In SEO From the Beginning

A website that looks great, but isn’t optimized for search engines, isn’t going to get you the results you want.

Website redesigns are a big step for businesses - regardless of cost, they represent a major effort in rebranding, so it's only natural to try and make the new site as successful as possible.

However, in the rush to create a site that looks good, it's easy to forget about search engine optimization (SEO)... and that can be a huge problem in the long term.

Understanding SEO

Websites don't have to be carbon copies of each other in order to succeed at SEO - indeed, there's something fundamentally wrong with the idea that you can do better than other people by being the same as them.

There is absolutely room for creative website design while still being SEO-friendly.

What many people forget is that how visitors see websites, and how search engines see websites are completely different.

Search engines are capable of looking at the site's entire code, not just what a normal visitor sees, so they'll judge your site by factors like the quality of the links, what kind of coding is present, and even how long the website takes to load.

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Remember, search engines want to provide good results - if they don't, people will stop using them. They have a vested interest in supporting things that readers like seeing, and they're usually willing to tell you if you're having a problem of some kind.

Google Search Console is the first and best tool to use for this - it will reveal an immense amount of information about your website and help you uncover anything that's dragging your performance down.

Consider the following 4 reasons why it’s important to do SEO from the very beginning of your website redesign:

1) Planning an SEO-friendly website is cheaper in the long run

There's only so much money in every budget, and cost-saving efforts you take now can drastically reduce your future expenses.

If you're not planning for a website to be SEO-friendly, then you're missing the point of having a website in the first place... or you're so far o
utside of traditional marketing techniques that none of the rules apply to you.

4 Reasons Why It’s Important To Build In SEO From The Very Beginning Of Your Website Redesign2) A good foundation results in better SEO

The better a website is to start with, the more effective your future SEO efforts will be.

Every blog post you write will benefit from having a strong domain supporting it - in fact, that may even be the deciding factor that makes Google decide to put your content above that of your competitors.

It's a financially sound strategy, too - better SEO will give you a higher return on your investment in advertising.

As a business, there is no reason to do any less than your best, because it will directly benefit you.



3) It's easier

Believe it or not, it's actually easier to design a website for SEO than for any other purpose!

Search engines essentially offer a checklist of things they're looking for, and that checklist offers a foundation that you can structure your site around.

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It's far easier to build around a structure than it is to design a website entirely from scratch... and it's easier for your visitors, too, many of whom expect your website to mostly resemble other sites.

4) It keeps your mind on the content

On the internet, content is king - and your website is the platform you use to distribute your content.

Ultimately, every company's website should be focused on showing how it can benefit the visitor.

You may see the website as a mechanism to get sales, but if that's all you think about, it's not going to perform as well as it could.

Keeping your mind on the content ensures that your priorities are in order - and that's how your website is going to succeed.

Remembering your goal - your customers!

Successful websites are not an end in and of themselves - they're only a means to your end, which is ultimately to get more customers.

By providing value to your customers, and optimizing for SEO as a primary element and not as an afterthought, you will see a greater return on investment with your website redesign.

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