Why Realtors Should Be Using Great Images

The internet is increasingly dominated by images. Proof of this can be found in the popularity of visually oriented social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

If you’re in a business where appearances matter, such as real estate, it’s especially important to include quality images in your marketing.

Images can make a huge difference in real estate marketing. All Realtors use images on their websites, print advertising, social media campaigns and elsewhere. What sets you apart, however, is choosing clear, compelling and professional images that will attract interest to your properties.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can incorporate this into your inbound marketing strategy. 

How to Choose Your Images

Image Is Everything - Why Real Estate Websites Need Great PhotosHaving images on your real estate website is obvious, but which ones you choose is important for reaching your customers. People want to see what a property looks like before they decide whether it’s worth looking at in person, much less investing in.

When displaying photos of your properties, we highly recommend using a professional photographer and displaying a lot of interior and exterior shots. Other types of photos, for blogs and other areas of your website, can be found online either for free or for a small charge. 

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Great images don't have to cost a bundle, use public domain photos or sites that charge a reasonable fee to use their images, such as iStockphoto and Thinkstock. Free photos can be found at sites such as Pixabay and Pexels.

Keep in mind that when people are shopping for homes, they’re also looking at many other things. They want to know what the property, block, and neighborhood or city look like.

If you’re marketing to people who don’t live in the area, you may also want to feature photos of attractive landmarks.  

Optimized Images are Good for SEO

To make images an even more powerful aspect of your inbound marketing, make sure they’re well optimized. One factor to keep in mind is that slow-loading images are bad for both traffic and SEO. People don’t have patience to wait for photos to load.

Google may also penalize you for if your images aren't quick to load. Research indicates that after around two or three seconds, every second of loading time is costing you traffic.

Make sure your images are sized properly for fast loading. This article provides a quick overview of how to size photos that load fast and still look great. 

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Text Should Complement Images

It’s true that recent research suggests that images are more likely to be clicked on and shared than text, but that doesn't mean you can leave out written content altogether. The real power is to combine the two. After all, even the most amazing photos of homes and properties need text to supplement them.

People want context and details so they know what they’re looking at.

Use great images, but don’t expect them to do all the work for you. Whether you’re publishing a photo on your real estate website, Facebook page, or Instagram account, make sure you do a good job at describing the image.

For example, if you point out that the house in your photo is a “quaint mid-19th century Victorian in superb condition on a spacious lot with river views and privacy” you help to bring the image to life and fill in details that may not be visible.

Get as Much Leverage From Images as Possible

Once you have a great image, you may as well get as much out of it as you can. One photo can be used in many ways, including print ads, your website, Facebook page and other social media sites.

If you’re not using Instagram for real estate marketing, you may want to consider trying it. This is a fast-growing social media platform that’s idea for displaying images. It’s also easy to share the same photos on Instagram and Facebook.

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When using images for multiple purposes, you want to make sure that they’ll look good everywhere. Ideally, your images should be viewable on computers, mobile phones and tablets. Useresponsive webs design, which ensures that pages are optimized for all screen sizes. It’s always a good idea to test your website and individual images using different devices. 

Images are Essential For Realtors 

Real estate is one of those businesses where images play a crucial role. The right photos are often the difference between getting a call from a potential client and missing out.

Remember that each image you post on your website or elsewhere is a marketing tool that can make you more successful.

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