Have you noticed your Facebook organic post reach declining?

Are you wondering what to do about that?

Here are a few real estate tips based on our experience marketing for Realtors. We recommend that you NOT give up on our friend Facebook, but instead that you focus on your strategy for engaging visitors with content that they want to see.

We also recommend you jump into the pay-to-play world of Facebook promoted posts and advertising.

Here are a few quick tips and some links to get you started with Real Estate Social Media:


1Facebook marketing for real estate. Leverage Insights

Make sure you know what your target market likes and what they click on. How do you do that? Analyze your insights and see where you are actually generating engagement and interest from your user. Not sure how to do this? Check out this video about Facebook Insights.

2. Boost

Put marketing dollars behind your posts that have photos of your listings. And make sure the posts you do boost have links back to your website; your digital homebase. When you boost your posts, you can decide whether the post goes to people who like your page, people who like your page and their friends, or a designated audience based on demographics that you identify. You get the most coverage by choosing to post to a designated audience, but we recommend you promote to your page followers too. Mix it up!

3. Advertising

Market your Facebook page to your target audience. Create visually pleasing and on-message ads sent to your target audience that direct people to like your Facebook page. This is called opt-in advertising. Once people like your page, they have agreed to receive updates from you. Your promoted posts then show in their newsfeed. Advertising has two gains: it creates great brand awareness with your audience, and it generates likes for your page.

Do you have a real estate-specific marketing question that we can help you with? Check out our FAQ page, get in touch, or feel free to ask us on Facebook.

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