As a Realtor, you generate a steady stream of high-impact content that is the envy of any business trying to make a mark on social media.

The variety of interior and exterior imagery associated with real estate listings is tailor made for today’s social web. Using social media for Realtor listings is a way to capitalize on this content. You will widen your net and amplify your brand.

The following guidelines will help you maximize your listings’ social shareability.

Consider video

Maximizing-your-Real-Estate-Listings-for-Social-Sharing-PIN.pngVideo listings stand out. In crowded social media feeds, a well-produced video of an eye-catching property is a scroll-stopper. Embed a few descriptive words into the video and brand it at the beginning and end with your agency and personal contact information.

Augment the video with some introductory remarks in your post as well as a link to more information on your web page. These posts work especially well on Facebook and Instagram, where video plays seamlessly as people scroll through their feeds.

Hashtag it

Instagram especially — and to a lesser degree Facebook and Twitter — thrive on hashtagged posts. The real estate industry has its own fun and popular hashtags (#dreamhome, #properties, #homeforsale). Most cities and towns also have specific hashtags. Getting to know these tags and using them in the listings you post is part of the fun of posting real estate listings on social media.

There’s a certain playfulness to hashtagging, and you can get creative making up your own.

As you build a social media following, consider creating a unique series of posts under the same hashtag.

For example, create an expectation that you will post a featured listing every Friday under the hashtag #featurefriday. Then be consistent with exceptional weekly posts under that hashtag.

Pick Your Pics

Your photos should be professionally taken and pop off the screen. Unique views, aerial (drone) photography and warmly lit interior photography all play well online. Facebook allows you to post multiple pictures in the same post. Instagram and Twitter do not, so it’s always good to identify the most compelling photo of a property before your social media campaign.

Also consider your listing’s compatibility with Pinterest. Making your listing “pin” ready is a simple step to give you access to Pinterest’s 150 million users. Pinnable images are typically vertical rectangles with a written message and your branding surrounding a photograph.

Learn More: Why We Love Pinterest

Remember, each social media platform has different conventions. Resist the urge to share the same photo and description on all of them. Instead, take the time to craft a unique post on each social medium, even for the same listing link.  

Maintain Brand Integrity

Your social media posts will link back to the listing’s page on your website, so before spreading your link on social media, make sure you are happy with the page visitors will land on when they click through. Make the branding on your web page consistent with what you have shown on social media.

New Call-to-action

The main image should be both in your social media post and featured prominently on the listing web page, so a visitor knows they have landed in the right place. Once they are there, make sure your webpage makes it easy for a potential client to get the key information on the listing quickly.

The information your potential client wants should be front and center, whether they view it on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Also, make it easy for a visitor to your listing page to share the page to their social profiles with prominent social sharing buttons.

These guidelines for using social media for Realtors will create a profitable two-way street, bringing new leads to your web pages and enticing your website visitors to share your listings with their social contacts.

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