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More than anything else, content marketing for real estate requires sharing interesting, quality material. Here are some ideas to help your real estate blog stand out in a crowded marketplace:

1) Discuss what's popular this year

As longtime Realtors know, the markets tend to follow certain trends. For example, today's millennials aren't looking for the same things in a home as many of their parents did.

In order to effectively market to an audience, you need to know them. And one of the best ways of doing that is by researching different demographics, then discussing their preferences on your blog.

For example, let's say that one age group is showing an unusually strong interest in decks. You could explain which neighborhoods are most likely to have houses with decks, how a deck affects the price of a home, and how a potential home buyer should look at a property if they want to build a deck of their own.

All of these are things that a real estate client might want to know, so they're worth addressing.

Of course, content marketing for real estate should always include pictures - and that opens up another opportunity for you.

Take photographs of popular options and use them to show potential buyers what 'good' and 'bad' versions of a popular feature look like. The goal here is to empower buyers and help them understand what they're actually looking at and how it will affect them... if they know they're being offered a well-maintained home, they're far more likely to buy it.


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2) Highlight local towns and villages

Not everyone wants to live in the middle of the city - and those who do won't stay in their neighborhoods all the time. Try highlighting towns and villages within half an hour or so of each neighborhood, explaining features like:

  • Good restaurants
  • Parks
  • Dog parks
  • Movie theaters
  • Major annual events
  • Daily living stores (especially grocery stores)

Remember, you're not just selling a house - you're selling a lifestyleHighlighting the various points of interest in and around a neighborhood will help buyers decide if they want to live there or not... and give you the opportunity to bring in more value than the home itself can offer.


3) Show the local vendors and service providers

This part of content marketing for real estate focuses on the companies that homeowners might work with after they've moved into the house. Your main goal is to offer fair appraisals of local vendors, including all of the following:

  • sparkler.jpgUtilities: Who actually provides the utilities for the house, and who should customers contact if they
    have a problem with them? This is more important than many people realize, especially if they plan on having a lot of work done to the house or property soon after they move in.

  • Handyworkers: Who can a buyer call if they need some basic repair services around their home? There are usually at least a few professional home service workers operating in an area, and you'll want to be sure you keep your posts up-to-date. At the same time, be sure to mention any helpful local home and garden stores in case people would rather do the work themselves.

  • Major Renovations: Major renovations include things like putting on a new roof or installing a pool. These upgrades usually involve a lot of time and money, and homeowners want to know that they're getting a good price and working with a trustworthy company.

  • Appliance Providers: If homeowners want to buy new appliances while they're moving in, where can they go? Try to include at least five or six different stores, and explain what sort of appliances they stock and how their prices compare to each other. Potential buyers always like knowing that they're getting a good deal.

  • Gardening Companies: Are there any companies around that help maintain lawns, gardens, and other exterior parts of the home? Similarly, if you're in a forested region, is there a reliable service who can help take care of trees? This isn't relevant for every home or every buyer, but enough people care to make it worth discussing.

  • Youth Groups and Entertainment: If you're selling to parents, you should seriously consider looking into any groups and entertainment focused on children. Many parents like to enroll their kids into educational programs, and being able to intelligently discuss what their options are will definitely improve the chance that they'll make the deal.

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Ultimately, all content marketing for real estate comes down to a simple principle: help home buyers as much as you can.

People read your content because it offers some sort of benefit to them, and the more benefits you offer, the more popular your blog will become.

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