Real Estate Blogging Just Got Easier with  Our Real Estate Blog Editorial Calendar

We've created a blogging calendar for Realtors with everything you need to write original and helpful blogs for an entire year!

If you haven't seen it yet, you can grab it for free right here. The calendar is comprehensive; we give you more than just titles. We include buyer personas, keywords, offers, and more. Download your calendar and then read on to learn how to use it for great results. 

Buyer Persona

Buyer personas are what drive success in inbound marketing - and it's absolutely vital that you make a few of them before you get started.

A buyer persona is a representation of your target customer. Establish who they are (age, income level, geographic area),  what they are looking for (condos, single family homes,amenities, schools), where they search for real estate, their motivation for buying, and their interests. Once these are established, you can tailor each blog post to a specific persona so that it speaks directly to them and becomes a helpful resource.  

Buyer Stage

The buyer stage describes the point in the buyer's journey that people are at. Not everyone is ready to buy when they visit your site, so some of your material needs to be tailored to people who will make a decision in the future. The stages are:

  • Awareness: Blogs targeted to these visitors are focused on providing helpful information about a subject. These visitors usually haven't decided whether they're going to buy or sell, but they're interested in it, and they want information to help them explore the possibilities. 
  • Consideration: These are people who are seriously considering buying or selling in the near future. They know what sort of home they want to purchase, the areas they will consider, and their price range. 
  • Decision: This stage is for people who have made the decision to buy or sell and may be actively looking for a Realtor. They are looking for the nuts and bolts of the real estate process. Topics for this stage could include How do I get started? How to stage a home

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An offer is something that you are providing to your reader - and it is a great way to establish yourself as a helpful resource that has people returning to your site and ultimately converting into a customer. People visit your website because they want something, and the more you give them when they arrive, the more likely you are to benefit from reciprocity. This is one of the core principles of inbound marketing. Offers that work well with our blogging calendar include:

  • Buyer's Checklist - These sort of downloads are really helpful for people to get organized. A buyers checklist could be: Ten important things for a buyer to do at the start of the buying process or The documents that you must have ready to begin your home buying process
  • Seller's Checklist - Same thing here for the seller. Use your experience and expertise and offer a list that will be useful.
  • Moving Tips and Advice - Include a checklist, a list of local moving companies, common mistakes, labeling advice- whatever you have heard and experienced during your years as a Realtor.
  • Open House Information - An open house prep information guide is a great offer! What do you want homebuyers to know about an open house? What can they expect from a Realtor? What sort of things help on open house day and what are common misconceptions?

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but it should get you started towards creating helpful, free offers for site visitors. Remember, an offer doesn't have to be complex or huge. Simple downloads can be a great way to get started with content offers. 

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Blog SEO

This isn't explicitly written into the calendar, but SEO is an important part of ensuring that your blog posts get found.

Real-Estate-Blog-Calendar-How-To-Pinterest.jpgIn particular, local SEO campaigns should have a lot of external links, aimed towards things like restaurants, music venues, cafes, shops, attractions, and parks you are mentioning. Outbound links improve the SEO of your blog so your chance of more people finding it go up.

Help visitors learn about all of the great places they can try in a particular city or town. People aren't just buying a home, they are buying into a neighborhood and community. Help them get a feel for an area and all that it has to offer.

Don't be afraid to make personal recommendations. If you have a favorite restuarant or coffee shop, give it a mention! Include a photo of you getting your morning coffee or hiking your favorite trail. 

If you have a relationship with any of the businesses you mention, let them know you have linked to them in your blog. Chances are they will link to you or share your blog on their own pages and increase your viewers.


Keywords are an integral part of SEO. Keywords are how you get found on search engines so it is important that you match up your blog with popular and relevant search terms.

We've included choices for your real estate blogging keywords in the calendar, but don't be afraid to tweak these to your area and market. You can use Google Trends to figure out what keywords are most popular in your area.

Social Media

Once your blogs have been written, you'll need to market them through social media. You'll want to find pictures that are appropriate for social media, then share your blogs on different platforms.

Be sure to consider your audience on each platform, and how your images will be shown. For example, a platform like Instagram is extremely visual and also a popular among millennials who might prefer an off-beat eye catching shot as opposed to a more traditional photo. 

When sharing a blog post on Facebook, consider investing a few dollars and boosting your post. This ensures that more of your followers will actually see what you've shared. Facebook also allows you to target your boosted posts to certain demographics. Refer to the target audience you have assigned to your blog and focus your dollars on getting your post in front of them.

We hope you find the Real Estate Calendar helpful. We'd love to hear how it's working for you - please leave me a note in the comments.

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