We've created a professional services blog calendar complete with campaigns, titles, and topics for a full year of blogging.  And we're giving it away for free!

Our professional services blogging calendar was designed to help your company take off - but before you start using it, it's important to understand what each section means and why you're doing it. Here's what you need to know.


This calendar uses three different campaigns, each targeted to help you do well in a different segment of marketing.

  • The Thought Leadership campaign focuses on promoting your business as an expert on the services you provide. The goal of these articles is to convince readers that you have the answers they need to solve their problems.
  • The Service Driven campaign emphasizes not just your ability to get the job done, but your ability to help others do their job.
  • Finally, the Local SEO campaign is designed to raise your profile in your geographic area. Many professional service businesses have customers coming from both near and far, and while you may not rely solely on local clients, there are usually enough of them that it's worth targeting them with content on a regular basis.

Buyer Stage

Part of professional services blogging is understanding that different customers will be considering you at different steps of their decision-making process. There are three stages you'll see on the calendar:

  • Awareness focuses on people who know they have a problem and want more information about the subject before they make a decision. Most content is geared towards people at this stage, since it's the easiest point to influence them.
  • Consideration focuses on people who acknowledge they need help, but aren't yet sure who they want to get it from. They're not ready to make a decision, so this content focuses on helping them towards resolving their problem.
  • Decision content focuses on getting people to actually buy from you. Few people will be visiting your site for the first time with the intent to buy, so there aren't many articles of this type on the calendar, but it's worth devoting a little time to catching the few who do.

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KeywordsProfessional Services Blog Calendar How-To

Keywords are what you'll use to help get noticed through professional services blogging. We've included some easy-to-adapt keywords that are appropriate for the subjects and goals of each campaign. For example, if you're a business accountant, one of your keywords might be "Business Accounting in 2016."

Target Personas

You'll notice this part is blank. That's because we can't fill it in for you - companies have to create their own buyer personas, and this is absolutely vital because they drive your success as a company. As a common example, though:

Head of the Business: Owner of a mid-sized business. Has dreams of growing her company and works harder than she should in order to make this a reality. Cautious about spending money, but readily invests in things she believes will provide a good return on investment - but only after careful consideration. Tends to be stressed, and prefers solutions that are easy to implement and take some of the weight off of her shoulders. Uses LinkedIn for business connections and Facebook to keep up with friends and family. 

For more help with personas, check out this guide from Hubspot.

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Offers are extra goodies that are provided to customers alongside your main content. Good offers include things like:

  • Ebooks: A well-written ebook can get people's attention after they've finished an article, allowing you to elaborate on a subject and help sway their final decision.
  • Best Practices Checklist: Many of your customers appreciate easy-to-follow checklists that can help them accomplish their goals, and they'll think better of you if you offer them.
  • End-of-Year Checklists: Similarly, checklists for finishing up the year are useful - and doubly so if there's anything special they need to do in order to help you do your job. This is common in industries like accounting.
  • FAQs: If you're in a complex field, a list of common questions - with straightforward answers - can settle many of a potential client's worries.
  • Free Consultation: Many customers like to try out your services before they commit to buying, so don't be afraid to offer free trials if your business model can support it.

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Running a professional services blogging campaign isn't as hard as many people think - and by the time you're done, you'll have the experience you need to create your own marketing calendar.

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