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Every business would love to see the perfect storm of digital marketing. A force to be reckoned with that creates massive amounts of leads and generates a gale force wind of opportunity. But for many marketers, this system can seem as impossible as creating a real life weather system. Leaving many asking the question:


Can you create a Perfect Storm of Digital Marketing?

We may not be able to control the weather, but we do know a thing or two about creating a marketing system that will blow your potential customers away.

Here are the five things we know work to generate real opportunity and leads:

1. A Thoughtfully Designed, Visually Pleasing Website

Did you know that the average lead is already over halfway through the decision-making process before they contact you about your products and services?

The first place people look for you is online and that means your website. 

If you haven’t updated your virtual real estate since the early 2000’s, it’s overdue.


perfect storm of digital marketingYou see, most of your visitors are most likely coming from search engines like Google. However, if your site doesn’t meet the search engine requirements, you’ll rank lower in the results keeping you from seeing that free, highly targeted source of traffic. This is why you want to design your website with its Search Engine Optimization optimized.

Set up your site to handle modern visitors. Make sure it’s a responsive design that is pleasing to the eye and you’ll be closer to getting that traffic. Before you know it, Google could be a major part of your digital marketing.


2. Consistent, Fresh Content

Now that your site looks good, it’s time to fill it. Don’t just write some words and create an About page.

Take your time and craft copy that is compelling and provides value to your audience.

It will go a long way toward showing visitors that you offer just what they need.

Continue to add fresh content through blogging and downloadable offers like ebooks and white papers. The more words on the page that speak to your target audience, the more of those individuals will find your site.

Bonus: Original content doesn’t only have to go on your site, put some on social media or via email (more on this later).


3. Targeted Email Communications

You probably take subscribers on your site, but do you have a scheduled auto response sequence? How about emails that highlight and educate your prospects about how you can help them?

It's time for some of that consistent content to go out to your loyal readers.PerfStorm_Pin.jpg

Setting up a campaign (or campaigns) to be sent over email can warm up leads that have been sitting on the fence. Marketing to your current audience can be a cost effective way to boost revenue. Don’t be too pushy, but let them know you’re proud of your products and services.

There are plenty of email services out there that not only allow you to make customized emails and send them to your contact list but manage response and open rates and include software to keep your list current and up to date. Two that we have had success with are MailChimp and ConstantContact.

Learn more aout email marketing: Email Marketing: A how to Guide. 


4. LinkedIn and Facebook Presence and Engagement

Social media has become a powerhouse when it comes to small business. Entire eCommerce brands have grown solely through channels like Facebook and Instagram. B2B companies get a staggering amount of qualified leads through platforms like LinkedIn.

If your business has a Facebook or LinkedIn page, but you have neglected to post, it’s time to kick it up a notch.

Regularly posting on social (with some of that great content you’ve been producing) will draw more people to your well-designed website with a decent chunk of them signing up for your email newsletter!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and a little personal with your posts. Blogs, photos, updates like new staff or new location - all of these can turn into interesting posts that engage your target audience.

You see how this is turning out to create a storm of leads?

5. Digital Advertising - Google and Facebook

The clouds are in the dark night sky, and now it’s time to add the lightning. Getting organic traffic is awesome, and email subscribers in a proper funnel can lead to higher conversions.

So, what’s missing? Digital advertising.

Instead of waiting for traffic to come to you, digital ads allow businesses to choose the exact persona that will visit their site.

And digital ads allow you to direct traffic to a specific landing page so that will further engage your audience.

Even better, with advancements in tracking technology, you can “retarget” prospects on platforms like Facebook that have been to your site. Retargeting means your ads are seen by people who have searched for a business or service like yours before so you won’t be wasting advertising on an audience that doesn’t match with your offering.

Think of it like you are always in their eye line, reminding them that you can help. Remarketing allows you to know who is seeing your ad and clicking on it so you will know if you are on target or need to tweak your efforts.

Getting Started

The digital marketing storm can happen when the right things line up. Of these five points I would recommend beginning with your website. Your website is your storefront and where you will convert prospects into customers. If your website isn’t ready, then efforts to funnel customers there will be wasted!

Once that’s done - work on the rest to create your own perfect storm of digital marketing!


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