Design is an essential feature in marketing strategy, but there are many elements of design to keep in mind. We’ve listed a few of our most popular design blogs to ring in the new year.

Here are three blogs we think highlight some of the most important elements of marketing design.


1. How to Take Photos for Your Website


Need photos for your business, but you’re not ready to commit to hiring a professional photographer? Even if photography isn’t your strong suit, you can take high-quality photos right from your smartphone! Follow the link to learn more about the importance of composition, how photography can be used to amplify your branding, and why imagery matters.

Why you should check it out:

Imagery is a very important aspect of your brand. Whether on your website or posted to your social media, photos engage with your viewers and promote your products and services. When you take your own photos, you are guaranteeing unique imagery that fits your brand, which will make you stand out against the competition and help you connect with your audience more authentically.


2. 7 Key Elements of a Successful Website


Your website it the central hub of your business, so you want a visually-appealing and high-performing site that will connect your services with your target audience. Read more to learn about how imagery impacts your website, tips to improve site performance, and why you should focus on SEO. Whether you’re trying to engage more viewers with CTAs or are redesigning your homepage, this blog is a great read for business owners looking to start a website or update their current one.

Why you should check it out:

For many consumers, a website is the first place they discover a business. Slow page speed, confusing navigation, and even low-quality images can deter leads. In order to fully-utilize the power of your website, you want a site that performs as well as it looks and vice versa.


3. Website Design: WordPress VS Custom CMS


Content management systems are an important tool for many businesses, but that means choosing between using a hosted site like WordPress or a custom-designed site. This blog explains the difference between the two, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Why you should check it out:

For many, the choice between a pre-built or custom-built CMS can be confusing and may even seem arbitrary, but CMS is a powerful tool for editing content display on your website. Whether you’re unsure of the differences between the two, or undecided on what is best for your business, this blog contains valuable information that can point you in the right direction.


Bonus: Intro to SEO


You’re probably heard the term SEO (search engine optimization), but if you’re unsure of what it really means or why you should care, check it out! We’ve created an introduction into SEO, including an index of important terms you should be aware of, how you can use SEO to improve ranking, and how to measure the effects of your strategy.

Why you should check it out:

Online-presence is key to engaging your target audience, but your website will be lost among the other millions of sites if don’t optimize. Although it may seem intimidating, this blog can clarify some confusion you may have around SEO and get you started on your optimization strategy.


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