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Website design is an important part of every inbound marketing campaign

- and small details can have more of an effect than many people realize. Here are our top ten website design blogs from 2016.

1) 5 Surprising Web Design Tips - Simple Is The Key to Success

When it comes to websites, more isn't always better - in fact, focusing on keeping things small and simple is often one of the best ways of getting users to behave the way you want them to.

This blog focuses on five simple, but important, elements that can have a surprisingly large impact on your success.

2) 5 Skills to Look for in a Web Design Services Agency

If you don't want to build a website yourself - and many people don't - the best alternative is hiring a professional web design agency to do it for you.

This post focuses on the five skills to look for. If an agency doesn't meet these standards, the website they create for you probably won't be as good as it should be, so it's best to look for someone else instead. On a related note, we also discussed...

3) 5 Reasons Not to Develop a Custom CMS Website

Developing a custom CMS for your website has its pitfalls, and this post explains why.

Even if you weren't planning to develop a custom CMS for your next website, this post is still worth reading. By understanding why they should be avoided, you'll also learn what to look for (and what to replace) in your current system.

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4) What to Look for In Your Next Website

Sooner or later, most people end up replacing or re-designing their current website.

Whether it's a private page to highlight your talents or a storefront that supports your business, change is a natural part of this industry.

This post goes over the elements you should look for the next time you're planning to replace or revamp your site.

5) 4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Build In SEO from the Very Beginning of Your Website Redesign

If you're looking to get any traffic at all from search engines, it's important to make SEO a part of your website from the very beginning.

This post ties into the previous one and explains both how and why building for SEO will benefit you.

6) How to Design a Call-To-Action (CTA)

A call-to-action is the prompt that guides a visitor into taking the next step. Whether it's contacting you about a job, buying something from your store, or getting involved in an organization, most people need some sort of prompt before they act.

This post on website design focuses on how to create a call-to-action that convinces people to act.

7) The Dos & Don'ts of a Great Homepage

Our-Top-10-Website-Design-Blogs-Pinterest.jpgYour homepage is the first thing many visitors to your site will ever see - so it only makes sense to make it as good as possible.

This post goes over the most important elements to have on your homepage - as well as what to avoid.

8) 7 Key Elements of a Successful Website

This post introduces the seven fundamental elements of a good website. Several of these aren't as obvious as you'd think, but when you actually put them into practice, you'll see the way your site starts to move up in search results.

That said, remember that a good website isn't simply a collection of pieces - it should work well as a harmonious whole.

9) Website Performance: How can you tell if your website is working for you?

Most of our posts focus on the content of a website, but even the best content won't get you very many visitors if your site isn't performing well.

This post outlines how you can check the performance of your site - and if it's not up to par, you'll also learn how to make improvements.

10) 5 Reasons WordPress Is Still The Best Choice 

About 25% of all websites are WordPress websites! We tell you why this user-friendly, cost-effective platform is consistently the best choice for building a beautiful and well-functioning website. 

There you have it! I hope you will find some of these blogs helpful when designing or refreshing your own website! 

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