Learn How to Optimize Your Content Marketing with Data

There's an old adage that says, "Content is king." When we say old, what we really mean is that it's an adage that transpired within the past couple of years, much like the explosion of content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing.

The opportunity in using content marketing for your business or not-for-profit is to provide real, tangible value to your clients and prospects through rich, thoughtful content delivered via digital mediums.

A key aspect of a good content marketing program is understanding, from a data perspective not just your gut, what is working and what is not working. Here’s a breakdown of how to optimize your content marketing with data.

1. Google Analytics is Your Friend

Check the data on your website's Google Analytics regularly. You'll especially want to keep an eye on which pages are visited, where your visitors come from (organic, referral, direct, or social), which keywords are generating the most traffic, and which keywords you rank for.

How are people finding you?

Make sure that you take advantage of your top ranking keywords by creating more content to cater to those search terms. For example, if you are being found for handcrafted vermont wooden chairs then create content that uses that exact phrase. Make it the title of a blog, label the photos on your website, and create a services page with that title. Make it work for you!

You can see how people are finding you by looking at the organic search terms being used and the referral sites that are sending you traffic.

Where are people finding you?

If you find that most of your traffic is coming from Twitter, spend some more time there and experiment with different posts. Maybe photos are playing well, or perhaps a link to a great offer. Google Analytics allows you access to all of this information so you can keep doing what works well, and adjust what doesn’t.

Almost any statistic that you want to find about your website traffic can be found on Google Analytics. However, we recommend creating a personalized dashboard with these specific results:

  • Overall Site Visits
  • Visits by Channel
  • Top Referral Sources
  • Landing Page: Pageviews
  • Traffic via Device
  • Sessions by Keyword

There may be more that you find useful, but these are the bare minimum. Create a spreadsheet with top-ranking keywords and other important data so that you and your marketing team can all have access to it.

You'll also want to use these numbers when giving presentations about how your content marketing efforts are improving business.

Here’s a link to a great blog about understanding today’s Google Analytics: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/google-analytics-basics/


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2. Know Your Competition

There are several ways to do this. Add them to a private Twitter list to check out their tweets, put them on your “Pages to Watch” on Facebook to note their engagement, or use Spyfu to see
which Google AdWords your competition is bidding on and exactly how much they're paying.Copy_of_sailorsclub_7.jpg

Monitoring your competitors’ use of AdWords can be digital marketing gold. You can get an up close and personal look into your competitors' marketing dollars and budget. This will give you a great reference for how to assign your own marketing budget.

Being aware of your competition is one of the best ways to know that you are ranking competitively among other businesses in your industry. Seeing where your competitors are having success with their digital footprints will allow you to tweak yours to better serve your business.

Is their target audience the same as yours? Find out where they are playing and speak to that audience as well! Does your competition play well with photos on Facebook? Add some of your own! Pay attention to what is engaging and target your own efforts similarly.

To learn more about how to use Spyfu to gain information your market, check out this blog post from SEO Chat. 

3. Ask. Ask. Ask.

A "call to action" or CTA is a sentence or phrase that is giving your reader an action to complete.

It could be something as simple as, "Read this post if..." just to get readers to your website or as intimate as, "If you're struggling with your [what you sell/provide here], then give us a call. We're here for you" in an effort to make a sale.

Calls to action make a difference! If someone is reading your blog or visiting your homepage, something has struck them.

Take advantage of their initial interest by further engaging them with more content, engagement, or a mutually beneficial sales opportunity.

Good calls to action can lead to social media likes/engagement, website traffic, email leads, or sales, so create all of your CTAs accordingly. Make sure they stand out. Use color, font, and different shapes so that your CTA doesn’t get lost in the mix.

Support Your Content Strategy with Data

Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool because of its potential to provide value to your target audience and to drive organic traffic, leads, and sales. By leveraging data insights you have the opportunity to provide refined and meaningful programs for your clients and prospects.

With data, you learn what your audience is really looking for, how they are looking, and how you can deliver this information.

Today, good marketing programs are about providing real value to your prospective audience.

Content marketing is a tremendous vehicle to provide that value and data let’s you know when you are doing it right!

Could your business benefit from a content marketing campaign? Are you unsure of how to map out your marketing strategy? Give us a call or fill out our contact form, we would love to help!

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