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You need a new website or a re-design of your current one. You've heard of popular website platforms such as SquareSpace and WordPress as well as a custom CMS Website.

Which is the best choice for you? 

While there are some instances when it may make sense to develop a custom CMS Website, for most it is not the best choice and here is why: 

1) Quality

Many people believe that a custom CMS system is inherently better than a pre-packaged system like WordPress. There's this idea that a fully customized system can be designed to perfectly mesh with your business as it is, and this will translate directly to improved sales. Except... that doesn't really happen.

Most existing systems have been in development for quite a few years now, offering a high-quality and largely bug-free platform for hosting web pages.

It's important to remember that the real measure of quality in a website is how well it helps you get customers - user experience, not ease of coding, is the metric that matters.

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2) Training

People need to be trained to use a custom CMS - and in many cases, there's no clear documentation that explains exactly how all of it works.

That's a huge issue, especially if you lose access to the person who developed the system in the first place. If you don't understand the system, you can't change or fix it without risking something going horribly wrong, and that means spending a lot of time training people on every aspect of it.


3) Commitment

Going along with #2, a custom CMS system is a serious commitment for any company - and it's not likely to have external support that will keep it updated as technology continues to change.

It's not easy for your company to replace, and worse, new hires won't have any idea what to do until they've actually worked with the system for some time.

Technology changes so rapidly that any kind of long-term commitment is difficult to justify - quite frankly, now is not the time to be focusing on this kind of internal platform.


4) Functions and use

Most websites are ultimately made up of various parts and pieces, from widgets that offer added value to back-end systems that provide customized experiences for users. However, most of these functions are intended for use on certain types of web pages... and if your CMS is too far out of step with what they expect, they're simply not going to work.

If your CMS is different enough to stop you from using common tools and functions, then you're essentially just reinventing the wheel. On the other hand, if you're going with the web's standard choices for things, there's really no point in being excessively customized in the first place.

Remember: A visually creative, user-friendly website doesn't require a custom CMS. You just need a solid idea for website design - chances are that existing systems can make your ideas happen.

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5) Complexity 5 Reasons Not To Develop A Custom CMS Website

Most content management systems are largely drag-and-drop affairs, where features can be added and removed with just one or two clicks. They may be fiendishly complex behind the scenes, but the parts you actually work with are simple and intentionally easy for you to use.

There is no good reason to have complexity simply for the sake of complexity. Unfortunately, that's what a custom CMS ultimately ends up doing.

Instead of focusing all your time and effort on things that will barely affect your visitors, spend some time designing a better call-to-action or improving the photography your site uses.

The end result of this will be less time wasted on developing unneeded features and more time spent on things that will actually bring in some business.

Custom CMS websites are one of those things that sound like a great idea at first, but when you dig deeper, it becomes clear that they're just not worth it. Industry standard systems are standard because they actually work - and in most cases they'll get the job done faster, easier, and more affordably than anything else.




Working with clientele throughout Vermont and the greater United States, Breezy Hill Marketing is a Vermont web design company that creates unique and engaging web design. We focus on meeting the needs of our client’s target audience and we place an emphasis on technical features and Search Engine Optimization to make sure all our websites perform exceptionally.

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