Milk Money recognized for social and economic impact

When Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility put out a call earlier this year for nominations for its annual Innovation and Inspiration award, we immediately thought of our amazing client, Milk Money Vermont.

Breezy Hill Marketing works with Milk Money to craft their overall marketing strategy, and provides social media management. One of our key functions is to distill their fairly complex local investing innovation into understandable, social media-sized snippets.

Milk Money - Inspiring and Enabling Vermonters to Invest Local

Because of this work, we have a unique ability to tell the Milk Money story and explain what makes it a Vermont inspiration.

The VBSR nomination called for a description of an innovative or inspirational achievement from a member company in the areas of environmental impact, social impact, and economic impact.

While we could make a case for the positive environmental impact of keeping Vermont investment capital in Vermont, our nomination focused on Milk Money’s social and economic impact.

At VBSR’s annual award ceremony and dinner earlier this month, Milk Money won the award!

We are thrilled but hardly surprised.

When the State of Vermont changed investment regulations to enable small investors to participate in Vermont’s start-up and entrepreneurial economy, Milk Money saw an opportunity to facilitate the process. The Charlotte-based company - founded by Louisa Schibli and Janice Shade - helps entrepreneurs publish a Vermont Small Business Offering by vetting their business plan and capital needs and providing a visible platform from which investors can evaluate prospects. In turn, it gives small-scale investors a one-stop shop to evaluate and invest in Vermont start-up and growth opportunities.

Milk Money has helped several Vermont companies attract needed capital, it has democratized investment so that it’s not the sole province of the wealthy, and it has kept Vermonters' investment money in state.

“Louisa and Janice are leaders in the community, they are innovators, and they are helping businesses expand. They are tireless, and they have energized crowdfunding in Vermont.”

Valerie Solof Monette, Breezy Hill Marketing

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Milk Money is gaining recognition nationally as a model for the invest-local movement. Co-founders Schibli and Shade have helped attract the annual ComCap Conference on community capital to take place in Vermont in 2018!

Check out the Milk Money site to see the active opportunities and discover if local investing is for you.

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