Meet the Social Media Marketing Team at Breezy Hill Marketing in Richmond, Vermont

Breezy Hill Marketing is a full-service marketing agency in Richmond, Vermont with a lot of talent packed up its small-town sleeve! Today we will meet graphic designer and web designer extraordinaire, Mat Koenemann.

Hi, Mat, nice shoes! You are always dressed so sharp. What do you do for Breezy Hill Marketing?

I’m the graphics and website designer for BHM. I make graphics for use on social media, such as social media banner images, ads and advertising content for the web, and I also collaborate with clients and the rest of the Breezy Hill Marketing team to create print marketing collateral.Graphic Designer - Mat Koenemann

Print marketing collateral includes brochures, postcards, business cards, and a wide range of promotional materials. I also work on business branding to help our clients create and build their brand effectively. I can start with logos and color schemes, and work all the way up to a client’s website layout and graphic web elements.

Neat! What is your favorite part of your graphic and website design job?

Designing logos and branding is what I have had the most fun with recently, but there is a certain feeling of accomplishment after working with the Breezy Hill Marketing team to create a website from scratch and then turning it live. That might be my favorite because of the large scope of those types of projects. They are the most work to do, and run into the most issues, but the satisfaction is huge!

What do you think is most exciting about the marketing/aesthetic landscape?

Painting by Mat Koenemann - Graphic Designer
Untitled still life painting by Mat

What I find exciting right now in web/ UI design is that there seems to be less focus on a specific style or trend of web design ( like Flat design vs skeumorphisms) and more focus on the effectiveness of the sites appearance, layout and content. Which layout is better for organization, legibility, navigation? Which font is the easiest read? Which buttons convert better? (Regardless of which design fad they originate from.) Questions like this are much more constructive than having your sole focus be designing a website in a certain style. I think this aligns well with what we are doing at Breezy Hill Marketing: thinking about what is best for a client and the conversion rate of their website. A focus on what is most effective, not what’s “in” this week. 

Also there is beginning to be a shift in how websites are designed. When I first started learning web design and coding, the
standard was static design. Then, the standard become responsive design, to adapt to all of the new screens (phone, tablet, computer) that we view websites on. Most recently web design is taking a “mobile first” approach, where the design starts with how it will appear and function on a mobile device and building up from there to how it will look on the largest desktop screens.

Where do you see your job going at Breezy Hill Marketing?

I would like to stay with Breezy Hill Marketing for a while. I can't say enough good things about Jeff, Laura and the rest of the BHM team. As far as my position at BHM goes, I see myself continuing to work in the visual side of marketing, aesthetics, and branding. I'm guessing in the near future, I will be working more directly with clients.

I am currently taking classes to further improve my computer and web code language skills (like html, css, and jQuery), so hopefully I will be able to take on more of that responsibility when building websites. 

Painting by Mat Koenemann - Graphic Designer
Untitled still life painting by Mat

What brought you to Vermont?

I grew up in Central Vermont, and moved to Boston after high school to attend college. After graduating, I spent time living between Central Vermont and Boston. I started working for Breezy Hill Marketing in August of 2013, as a design work contractor, then went full-time at BHM in January 2014.

What do you do when you are not working on Breezy Hill Marketing projects?

When I'm not working on BHM projects (and not working on personal design projects/painting) I generally like to get out and be active. In the winter I like to ski and hike. And in the summer? Running, hiking, playing soccer, kayaking, swimming are all things that I like to do with friends and family. I find it’s especially helpful to get outside in some fresh air when most of my time working is spent in front of a computer screen!

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