how You Can use Long-Tail Keywords for Your professional services blogging program

The Basics 

There are two major kinds of keywords that can be used in marketing.

  • Short-tail Keywords are generally only one or two words long, and are typically used by people who want to get a basic understanding of a subject. For example, "Wedding Photographer" or "Web Design Services" might be used by customers beginning a general search.
  • Long-tail Keywords focus on lengthier, more exact phrases. "Barn wedding venues in Vermont." This keyword is what someone will use when they have a specific need in mind and want to find accurate search results that help them get in touch with the right people or business.

It's true that long-tail keywords don't get as many searches as shorter phrases - but they have a higher conversion rate because people who use them will be more interested in the results of their search. A long-tail keyword will connect your specific service with the customer who is looking for just what you do. 

This means a much higher conversion rate and more bang for your buck, so to speak. 

How to pick long-tail keywords

How To Use Long Tail Keywords For Professional Services BloggingThe best way to pick a long-tail keyword is to return to your buyer persona and start asking what kind of search terms they might use. If you need help, websites like Keyword Tool (save this link for later!) are a great resource.

You'll also need to focus on the three stages of the Buyer's Journey and what stage a person is likely to be at when they search for a given term.

Somebody who's ready to buy is going to use different terms than someone who simply wants information.

Here's the breakdown:


When customers are in the awareness stage, they tend to use relatively generic search terms. They might use phrases like "Accounting for Small Businesses" or "Consulting for Biotechnology".

When using professional services blogging to attract people in this stage, focus on answering their questions and helping them get a better understanding of what your company does.

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When they're done with the article, they should feel like they have a better understanding of how your services can help to solve their problems.

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When visitors are at this stage of the Buyer's Journey, your goal is to use your professional services blogging and convince them that your services can offer some sort of real benefit to them.

Long-tail keywords at this stage tend to be more focused and specific, like "ROI for accounting services".

In this case, somebody would be looking for a financial breakdown of how outsourcing accounting services can save them in the long run.

If you were running the accounting service in question, you might write a blog about how long it takes to see a return, when in the year (say, around tax time?) the benefits are received, and what kinds of returns tend to be seen by each industry. A corresponding offer would also be a great addition to a blog like this - perhaps a downloadable spreadsheet or calculator that a potential customer could use to determine the possible annual savings.


Finally, visitors who are looking to make a choice tend to use decision-oriented keywords. These keywords tend to include phrases like "best", "cheapest", or "closest" - they're looking for a specific attribute, and chances are they'll convert into a customer if you can convince them you have that attribute.

The decision ready customer is quite desirable however don't concentrate solely on this demographic. We usually suggest producing material in a 6:3:1 ratio. You want the bulk of your content to be helpful and informative and not pushing your services too heavily.

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Finally, use analytics to figure out when your visitors are likely to convert.

Many of the people who look at awareness and consideration articles may not end up converting into customers for days or even weeks - but when used as part of a good marketing strategy, your professional services blogging can get their contact information and help you reach out to them when they are ready to hire you.

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