Using Linkedin Is a Great Way to Promote Your Company and Can Be Particularly Successful for Making B2B Connections 

If you haven't taken advantage of this popular business platform, these are our tips for LinkedIn success: 

1) Tell your story on your profile

Your LinkedIn profile shouldn't simply be a collection of data points - it should be a story that helps people understand who you are, what matters to you as a company, and how you can help them accomplish their goals. That last bit is particularly important. It's your profile, yes - but your customers are the ones reading it.

Take a look at your buyer personas and ask yourself what those people would actually want to see on a LinkedIn profile.

If they're interested enough to visit in the first place, what can you say that will convince them they made the right decision and that taking the next step is the right thing to do?

There's no magic formula to this - every business is different, after all. Still, that's the kind of thing to keep in mind when you're telling your story.

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2) Create a Business Page

Most people think of LinkedIn as being a collection of individuals, but it's entirely possible to have a business page the promotes your company instead of you as an individual.

Ideally, this is what most of your customers will actually reach and read, so it's worth taking the time to ensure the page is as polished as possible.

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3) Connect with your Professional and Social Worlds

This is probably going to be a team effort. You'll want to connect professionals to your business page, but at the same time, you'll want the various members of your staff to connect on a social level as well.

Once you've done that, the next part of using LinkedIn for marketing success is getting involved.

Start by joining relevant groups on LinkedIn, then take the time to comment on discussions, Like things that are interesting, and Share the best things that other people have written.

Don't be entirely formal about this - and don't have an exclusively marketing-oriented mindset, either. Always try to add value to conversations - posting just to meet some quota will only encourage people to ignore you.

Instead, try to post material that other people genuinely want to read because it offers a suggestion, a new point of view, or some other positive impact on the discussion. This will ensure you remain welcome - and that people actually read what you're writing.

4) Blog on LinkedIn

Most people think of blogging as something they do on their own websites, but the truth is that LinkedIn can be a very good platform for professional blogs that are published natively on the site.

As part of using LinkedIn for marketing success, you'll probably want to run this alongside the blog posts on your website, with each location having useful and Your Roadmap to Using LinkedIn for Marketing Success.pngunique content (instead of one simply copying the other).

Personally, I've often found that industry-focused blogs go over fairly well, especially if you're discussing current events and what you think they'll mean for your industry as a whole.

As always, though, keep the readers' interests in mind and try to emphasize how this matters to them.

5) Promote and Analyze

If your budget allows for it, try promoting your blog posts and trying to increase the number of people seeing them. At the same time, analyze your progress to determine how effective your blog posts actually are.

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Remember to focus on the metrics that matter - having your post be viewed is good, but having people come to your website and convert into customers is better. This part of using LinkedIn for marketing success is about finding the tone and topics that resonate with your audience. Once you know what they respond to, you can start writing more of that.

LinkedIn is a better platform than many people realize, but don't forget that it's only one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

To maximize your success here, you'll need to commit to posting on a regular basis and ensure that your follow-through is enough to prompt readers into action.

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