These Are The Fundamental Skills to Look for When Considering An Inbound Marketing Agency

1) Web Design

Does your inbound marketing team truly understand web design? A good marketing team will take a good look at your existing website into when starting any marketing campaigns. If it's not representing your brand and converting customers they should be able to build you a whole new website.

A true expert knows that marketing doesn't take place in a vacuum - it's the end result of everything your company does, and there's no sense in things like creating content unless you know how you're going to use that content and what it will look like when to your site visitors.

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2) Writing Ability

Does your inbound marketing team know how to write for the web, for SEO purposes, and so on? Writing for the internet a core competency and shouldn't be overlooked.

Similarly, what kind of experts does a potential team have access to? If your marketing company doesn't have someone on staff to write content, they may partner with professional writers who can produce material as it's needed. You should be able to review previous work that they have produced for themselves or others.Copy_of_Copy_of_sailorsclub_2.png

In order to make a writing partnership a success, keep in mind that even the best writers can't produce good content without good instructions.

On the whole, the more effort you put into describing what you want - and your inbound marketing agency can help with that - the better the end results will be. This helps avoid problems like getting locked into lengthy editing processes that distract employees and reduce the return on your investment - and since many companies don't realize how important this is, focusing on providing clear instructions can actually help you jump past your competition.

3) Data Analysis

Does your marketing company truly understand website performance? We now have the tools to examine website use in exquisite detail, tracking everything from how long people spend on a particular page to which calls to action are the most effective at converting valuable demographics into customers.

One of the open secrets is that the true key to inbound marketing is refinement over time. A good agency will work together with you to produce the most effective campaign.  Once useful data starts coming in, they'll also analyze it to see what's working and what should be eliminated from the plan.

By constantly examining data and tweaking your marketing efforts to do what's most effective, your company should ultimately wind up with streamlined advertising plan.

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4) Strategy

Finally, does your inbound marketing company understand marketing strategy? The components of an inbound marketing program will work only if you have an overall strategy for success.

Your company is unlike any other, and all of the elements discussed above should stem from a well thought-out strategy.  By taking your unique strengths into account, a good inbound marketing company will be able to determine your unique selling proposition, your brand, and your target audience in order to maximize your marketing efforts and provide the best possible return on your investment.

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These four skills are the fundamental components of a good inbound marketing company. Each has a role to play in your success, so be sure to investigate the company and make sure their skills are up to par before deciding whether or not to hire them.

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Breezy Hill Marketing is a Vermont marketing company that develops thoughtful and strategic  marketing strategies for clients throughout Vermont and the greater United States. We work with our clients to understand their unique selling proposition and apply it to inbound and digital marketing as well as web design.  

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