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Guidelines to building a memorable about page that boosts brand engagement

A website “About” page is a chance for a business to pull back the curtain and showcase just who is leading the charge, what their passions and motivations are, and how they do what they do.

It’s the one area of a website where the focus can shift a bit, away from product and service descriptions and a focus on the customer. People want to know about your business and how it can help them, but before they decide to work with you, they will want to know about you too.

If you are setting up your business’ about page as part of a new website, or if you are looking to make your existing about page better, let these guidelines light your way and make your about page stand out.

Hand the ‘voice’ keys to others

If your business has a team of employees, of any size, use your about page to showcase them.

Professional photography goes a long way to presenting your staff in the best visual light. And when it comes to describing who they are, let them speak!

Who better to describe “about”  each staff member than the staff member themselves. This will give your website a diversity of voices and a refreshing shift in tone from the rest of your website. When your employees write about themselves for your about page, their passion and personalities will shine.

Use a variety of media

A succinct mission or values statement is an important part of an about page. And it’s important to enhance your statement with other forms of media. A video testimonial from a company founder or leader can complement your written mission with a short personal message that helps humanize your brand.

Fit Werx, does an outstanding job of mixing videos, images, and a mission statement for a lively about page presentation.

Photos of office space, your city or town, and the people who make up the team illustrate your a business’ uniqueness. Moz.com gives a great example of what companies with rich histories can do with an infographic that takes visitors through a company’s history, marking milestones from its start to present day.

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Most importantly, tell a compelling story

An about page is a chance to take some risks, get personal, and tell the story that underpins your entire enterprise.

One of Vermont’s craft snowboard builders uses his about page to tell a story about his personal history and what inspires him.

Sometimes it’s that personal connection a business can establish with prospects and leads that sets them apart in a competitive marketplace and helps close deals.

Your business’ story can be based on its history, it can start with a “why we started this business” statement, or it can focus on mission and motivation. If it comes from the heart and conveys passion, it will be unique and offer the intimate glimpse people hope for when they navigate to your about page.

An about page is different from any other page on your site. Use it as an opportunity to tell a compelling story about your brand. Many of your website visitors will visit this page as part of their decision to do business with your company.

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