Marketing offers are often considered to be the key to success for companies offering professional services so what makes a good offer for your prospects?

What Marketing Offers Work the Best?

Boiling it down to the basics, you want an offer that provides real value and illustrates your knowledge and experience to potential clients. With that in mind, here are three marketing offers that we've found to be consistently good performers for professional service firms.

1) Tools of the Trade

A tool of the trade is something that actively helps the reader accomplish a goal. These often take the form of spreadsheet templates or word documents that people will copy and refer to on a regular basis. Examples of this are:

  • Marketing and Budget Worksheets: A good budget worksheet helps the customer understand what their resources are, what their goals are, and how they can reach their goal in the most effective way. This is especially useful for readers who are doing something for the first time and don't even know how much things should cost. For example, we offer a one-page guide for success with small business marketing - but you'll probably want to customize your worksheet to better reflect your industry and what sort of help your customers need.
  • Website Content Template: Another favorite of ours, website content templates provide a step-by-step guide to material that the customer can post on their website. This could be anything from teaching them how to write a blog post to ideas for revamping their home page (or website as a whole) in order to make a better impression on customers.

The key thing to remember here is that a tool is, first and foremost, a tool. It's actively meant to be used, and should be designed with this in mind. If it's something customers might fill-in with their own information, consider providing them a link that they can use to download additional blank copies.

3 Great Marketing Offers for Professional Services Firms2) Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets - sometimes referred to simply as checklists - are similar to tools of the trade in that they're meant to help people do their job. Instead of being interactive, however, cheat sheets serve as a guide to getting things done.

That said, there's a reason we're referring to them as cheat sheets - namely, that they should be presented as helping to get a job done faster and better than the way people were already doing it. Guides are useful by themselves, but they're most valuable when the reader thinks of them as the best way to do something.

Marketing offers aren't something that work all by themselves, after all - it's important to take every opportunity to maximize their effectiveness and make a good impression on the people who take advantage of them. When done right, however, cheat sheets can be an enormously effective part of your overall marketing strategy.

3) Case Studies

Case studies are a little different than the other two marketing offers here - rather than helping your visitors accomplish a goal, they're meant to explain how you helped another customer achieve the optimal results.

Good case studies have two important components. First, the Executive Summary condenses everything down to less than one page of material, quickly outlining the customer's problem and then explaining how you solved it. It's important to convey that it was a real problem - ideally something that other customers might also be experiencing, and are thus interested in fixing.

The rest of the case study is for those who actually care about the details and should go into whatever amount of detail is necessary to demonstrate your expertise.

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Note that longer isn't necessarily better here - it's fine if the case study is no more than a few paragraphs at most. What matters is that you can truly convey the idea that you are a problem-solver - and a good value.

Price is a factor for many of your potential customers, so try to include some numbers showing how your work effectively paid for itself. If customers can reasonably expect a positive return on their investment within a reasonable frame of time, they're willing to pay almost any price - and in the end, that helps both of you.

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