Five Evergreen Topics for Realtor Blogging


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Five Evergreen Blogs For Realtor Marketing

For an effective real estate blog, it's important to create content that will be relevant every season for years to come. 

Blogging for Realtors is interesting because, as an industry, it faces a specific challenge: markets that can change drastically from year to year. Timely articles (like those discussing new neighborhoods being built) are valuable, but to market yourself the most effectively, you'll need the kind of evergreen content that people will be reading year after year.

To help with that, here are five excellent evergreen topics for Realtor blogging:

1) How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

When people are selling a property, it's a given that they want it to look as large as possible - after all, few people want to buy a cramped home!

Look around the internet and draw on your own experience to write this, and be sure to discuss important things like what angle to shoot the room from, what to do with furniture, and how to use lighting to open up a space.

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2) How You Can Help Sell Your House

When in doubt, help your customers help you. This blog post should tell customers what they can do to make your life easier and, usually, sell their home for a better price.

You'll probably want to discuss things like de-cluttering the home, improving curb appeal, and deciding on a schedule that makes it easy to show the home.

Note that this particular piece of Realtor marketing isn't aimed at the general audience - rather, it's targeted to people who want to sell their home and are just doing a little research on Realtors and what they should be ready to do. Keep this in mind when you're writing up your content.


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3) Moving Tips and Tricks

Everybody likes getting help with a move - it's a big job even at the best of times, so any advice you can give is likely to be appreciated. This is a chance to show off your expertise and improve your customers' satisfaction - especially because happy customers are more likely to write positive reviews, and that can help you grow your business.

Consider including a list of local vendors that you'd be willing to recommend. This is even more effective if you can negotiate a discount with those vendors - they'll appreciate the added business and your customers will appreciate the work you put in to reduce costs.

4) Home Financing - How To Be Prepared To Get A Home Mortgage

People who already own a home tend to be comfortable Five Evergreen Blogs For Realtor Marketingwith this process, but first-time homeowners often need a lot of help getting ready for a mortgage.

This part of Realtor marketing is intended to be found by these first-time buyers as they do their research, and they'll appreciate a step-by-step explanation that informs them about what they can expect, what they'll need to do for the best results (especially in terms of paperwork), and what kind of a timetable they'll be looking at before getting a decision.

You can also include some 'red flags' information, talking about common reasons for a mortgage to be denied and can be done to solve those problems beforehand.

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5) Selling a Condo vs Selling a Home

Condominiums are popular among first-time buyers, but even people who've already sold one may need some help when it comes to selling a home. If your customers tend to fall into this category, help them out with a blog post that explains the differences and how one can prepare.

To further improve your Realtor marketing here, consider adding a timeline for activities - when to take pictures, when to fully clean the home, and so on. You may also want to add a 'rush' timeline for those who want to sell as soon as possible - that's usually only a small part of your customers, but when they're in a hurry, they'll really appreciate the guidance, and will not be likely to forget the favor anytime soon.

Finally, even the best blogs require a good website to host them - make sure your website is ready to maximize your content marketing before you get started on writing these blogs.

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