Are you interested in understanding how to use Facebook for Real Estate Marketing?

Social media and real estate are a match made in heaven. I know, it's a cliche, but it's true.

Social media, and Facebook in particular, are about peering into other people's lives and learning more about who your friends and neighbors really are. Real estate, especially residential real estate, is all about sharing the best of other people's homes so that you can find the next buyer. Match. Perfect.

How can you, as a real estate agent, broker, or administrator, help to promote your listings? What's the secret sauce in social media for real estate. Well let's look at a couple key facts about Facebook in particular:

Did you know that only a small percentage of your Facebook fans actually get to see the posts on your page? The number is around 15 - 20% depending on the quality of your Facebook page engagement.

What does this mean to you?

It means that you need to post MORE not less. That by posting more you are not spamming people because they are not even seeing your posts!!

Did you know that the Facebook algorithm changes and that different types of posts, photos, links to articles or listings, text only, and shared posts from other pages are not all shared equally? A link post is currently valued relatively low where a text posts gets a higher number of views. But sharing another page's post gets the LEAST number of views.

What does this mean to you?

This means that you need to provide more of what gets seen more and less of what does not. So if text only posts get a lot of views and engagement, make sure you include them in your posting strategy.

So how can we help you drive traffic to your website and your listings?

Here are some tried and true methods that we have used to promote properties using Facebook and to help send people to our website to see more listings!

  • Pictures: When sharing pictures, try sharing interior pictures on Facebook. So often the exterior of a property is shown but interior pictures generate a ton of interest. Who doesn't want to see someone else's decorative style, how big the kitchen is, or what the master suite looks like?
  • Content: Share information on Facebook that is NOT available in the listing. Give some inside scoop about the property, the neighborhood, or the house itself.
    Links: Wrap up your Facebook post with a link to the listing ON YOUR SITE. Let people know that there are more pictures and details about the property on your website.
  • Promote: Facebook is making it more and more difficult to get your posts seen. They want you to buy their advertising and honestly, why not? If you are selling a house, you can afford to spend $5- 20.00 on a VERY targeted Facebook promotion of a post about our property. We have tested this theory and promoted posts can increase site traffic by 50% and they receive far more engagement than posts that are not promoted.
  • Analyze: This is important, view your page insights and watch what works. See which posts people liked and which ones they actually clicked on, engaged with, or followed to your website. Facebook is now sharing some very useful data about post engagement and it can really make a difference to your strategy.

We hope that these tips on social media for real estate and specifically Facebook have been helpful to you. Please let us know what you find makes your Facebook posts sing! We welcome your feedback.

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