Set Your Blog Apart By Expressing Your Company’s Voice

Finding your company’s voice can be tricky but when creating content for your blogs and social media, it can have a great impact and help them stand out. Having a distinct personality shine through in your writing will make the material engaging to the reader and help people connect with your company.

Use personal experiences to tell your story, whether your blog is serious, humorous or somewhere in between.

So if you’ve noticed a lack or decrease of visitors on your blog and website, or you are looking for ways to add a more personal voice to your content writing - read on for great examples of businesses that connect through their unique voice.  



ModCloth uses wit and personal experiences with their product, women's clothes and accessories, to drive their blog. Along with promoting their clothing, the blog posts touch on other trends that their target demographic enjoys. They also use videos in many of their blog posts to take the human element to another level. When you’re seeing people interact with the products it makes the company more relatable.


Metta Earth Institute

metta earth

Metta Earth Institute is an educational, retreat center in Vermont that focuses on a global shift of consciousness towards the environment. Their blog really focuses on the experiences that people have at the retreat center and how it helps them re-connect with the environment. Every post is written like a story, which lets the reader get a first-hand perspective of the experience. This can make them feel connected to the business and feel the desire to participate in what they read about.


Angolano & Company

angolano and company

This company does an excellent job of bringing a sense of ease to a normally stressful topic; finances. Angolano & Company has a hint of humor, but is mostly informational. Striking a balance between light and serious can be challenging, but this company is an example of it done right.

Bonus: they have great tips about taxes!




With the name Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries, you know this blog is expressing a personality. Eat24, a food delivery service, has a more unique voice in the blogging sphere, but is a great example of using humor throughout your blog. It is crucial to know your target market when employing this tactic though. Chances are that college students ordering food are going to be expecting something fun and light, and not necessarily professional or dry. 




The name of Starbucks’ blog is Starbucks Stories. Along with their blog content  telling the story of their company, the name  lets you know immediately that they want you to feel closer with the brand. The blog is broken down into three categories: coffee, community, and social impact. The reader can pinpoint exactly what the company cares about and choose stories that align with their own interests. This helps the reader feel connected with the company and know that they care about more than just selling products.

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Just remember, give your brand time to grow and keep consistent with your company’s personality and voice - readership will follow!

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