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3 Reasons You Should Use Email Marketing For Your Professional Services

With all of the many forms of marketing available today, it's easy for a professional services digital marketing plan to overlook the humble email.

However, these little messages are still a powerful tool for driving business. Even better, it's easy to measure their effectiveness and tweak them for better results. Here are three good reasons you should use email as part of your marketing strategy.

1) Email forces you to focus on your lists

Fundamentally, email is an active form of marketing, and the core of this is your list of addresses. You'll be doing things like:

  • Keeping Them Updated: Lists can be segmented in many ways. For example, you'll be removing addresses that are dead, sorting people based on how much they buy, and figuring out the attributes of your best customers. Properly updated lists can help you send the right messages to the right people at the right time.
  • Finding Ways To Increase Contacts: Your business isn't going to grow unless you get new customers, and a focus on email lists means you'll have to come up with ways to get new contacts - and that's a good thing. One of the best ways to increase your number of contacts is to give something away in exchange for their email.
  • Keeping Existing Contacts Happy: Maintaining relationships is almost as important as getting them. If people are no longer interested in what you have to offer, they'll just unsubscribe.

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2) Email provides value to your contacts

3 Reasons You Should Use Email Marketing For Your Professional ServicesI can't over-emphasize how important providing value is. This is one of the core principles of inbound marketing, and it's easily one of your top priorities for any professional services digital marketing plan. After all, customers want to know that you can help them... and the best way to make a good first impression is by proving that you can give them the help they need.

Email ties in to this by providing a steady amount of value over time. Once people start to feel you're truly important, they'll begin reading your content... and from there, it usually isn't long before they talk themselves into becoming (or remaining) customers.

In today's world, you often have to give something away before customers are willing to take a chance on you... and it's always better to offer something that's worth having.

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3) It's a great way to share your content


As serious inbound marketers know, websites need fresh and interesting content on a regular basis if they're going to succeed... but many potential customers won't be checking your website for that information.

Newsletters are your answer to this. They allow you to take the content you've already made and ensure it's seen by as many eyes as possible. Good newsletters include:

  • Relevant News from around the Internet: I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but you don't want to limit links to your website. Providing access to relevant, interesting news helps potential customers feel that your messages are valuable, so link to news that's actually worth sharing.
  • Links to your blogs: This is the main part of professional services digital marketing that occurs in newsletters. A good newsletter links to your best blogs from a set period of time - not all of them, just those that have proven to be the most popular among your readers. This helps to ensure that people reading your newsletters think of the blog links as high-quality content... especially because blogs help communicate expertise and value.
  • Reminder of Services: This doesn't need to be a separate section, per se, but the newsletter should clearly note what sort of services you offer. Many companies like to include this in the header.
  • Special: If you're running any kind of special event, you can include it in your newsletter as another part of your professional services digital marketing plan. This includes things like special offers, new press releases, announcements, and anything else that might be relevant to your customers.

By keeping these ideas in mind, you can leverage the power of email to drive your business forward, improve your relationship with your customers, and ultimately maximize the return on your advertising investment.

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