Vermont Nature Creations' new e-Commerce website enables customers throughout the country to order beautiful plant rooters online.

If you’re not familiar with Vermont Nature Creations, you should check them out. They design and build Hanging Water Gardens, and trust me, these are some of the coolest, prettiest plant rooters out there. They build their products out of stained glass and shaped metal, and they look especially nice in windows, where the light shines through the glass.

They’ve got beautiful products. They needed a beautiful website.

We believe in the multifaceted power of websites; your website is the storefront of your business online.

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Well Designed Websites Act as Digital Storefront

Physical storefronts are critical to many businesses, and the appearance of a storefront is often the first chance a business gets to leave a great impression on the consumer. So, of course, you want your physical store to be clean, modern, and welcoming inside and out.

Your website is no different. When you have visitors, you want them to enjoy their time on your site, and to come back. Just as your physical storefront should be presentable for visitors, your website should look nice, feel fast, and be convenient.

Whether in the real world or online, your storefront is a reflection of your business.

Creating New Opportunities with a Dynamic Website

Vermont Nature Creations wanted to move their business online. They needed a website with full e-commerce functionality, and they wanted to maintain their brand aesthetic despite shifting focus towards online sales. They needed a site that would let them sell dozens of different products in multiple categories without feeling cramped or complicated. The site would also serve as a digital marketing tool, with a blog and links to social media.

We worked with Vermont Nature Creations to flesh out what their brand should look like online, and built the website to convey the natural, elegant look of their brand and products. Like we would with a physical storefront, we worked to create a clean, beautiful digital home to positively reflect the Vermont Nature Creations business and products.

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Client Inspiration and Commitment Creates Success

The Vermont Nature Creations people made our job easy by coming to the table with a clear artistic and practical vision. They wrote the content for the site, and provided many of the visuals, so we focused on the foundation of their digital home and provided content feedback and direction.

We met with David from Vermont Nature Creations in our Richmond, Vermont office, outlining the project and solidifying the brand image. After our meetings, we communicated digitally with David, so that our team could work efficiently and make the process easy for him, while still enabling him to play an integral part in the development of the site.

Authentic Social Media Engagement Spreads the Word

We also trained Vermont Nature Creations in Social Media Marketing strategy. Before working with us, they were on Facebook and had built a healthy following. We worked with them to further identify their target audience and engage with that audience. Subsequent to our training with David, they’ve been able to capitalize on the opportunity, and have almost 20,000 followers!

The site we built is a beautiful storefront that does exactly what Vermont Nature Creations needs. We worked within the WordPress CMS to ensure the site is flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of the company as it grows. To this end, we host his site with a stable, modern hosting platform to ensure that it can handle increased traffic demands. We also built in social media integration, so that David’s Facebook efforts would be as effective as possible.

We worked to make the site clean and elegant: A perfect online home for the brand! The site is adorned with photos of the Hanging Water Gardens. It’s easier to build a beautiful site when the products a company is selling are so beautiful!

In summary, working with Vermont Nature Creations was a pleasure. Their team is smart, fun, and super easy to work with. We love it when we love our clients, as we do Vermont Nature Creations.

You’ll have to forgive the pun, but we helped their business blossom, and they did the same for us. Symbiotic relationships don’t go away after 10th grade biology; they exist in nature, and, with clients as wonderful as this, at work. Lucky us!

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