Be strong in all three to get the most out of your efforts

Digital marketing has three foundational pillars, and it’s hard to have an effective program unless you are solid in all three.

You can think of these as three legs of a stool; each leg must hold weight in order to build a successful program.

Let’s take a look at the three legs of a digital marketing stool.


1. Your website

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Odds are this is where you started your online presence, and it is the most comprehensive look at your organization. Your website is probably the first interaction people have with you online, so it should be well-designed and provide deeper dives and details into your organization to convert visitors into customers.

Any consideration of a successful digital marketing strategy must start with mastery of this leg of the stool.

If you’re building a new website, think through your site’s architecture in light of the website builder you are using, choose bold imagery, and write effective website copy and calls-to-action.

If you are using the services of a digital marketing company, be an active participant in the build to ensure the final product reflects your brand and matches your marketing goals.

A digital marketing company is also a great partner to have if you are re-imagining an existing website. Their experience will help you reorganize the site’s elements and navigation and improve any areas that need strengthening or updating.

2. Content marketing

An attractive, mobile responsive website is just the beginning of effective digital marketing. A dedicated content marketing program is the second, more proactive, leg of the stool.

Content marketing - publishing helpful, valuable blogs, social media posts, and e-newsletters - is the way to bring people to your website organically.

Consistent and on-topic posts will increase your site’s standing in search results, helping you get found by people who are doing online searches in your field or industry.

Your content marketing program also gets you into the social media ecosystem with something valuable to offer. As you continue to produce valuable content and distribute it through social media, you will develop your organization’s voice and enhance its profile as an authority in your field.

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3. Digital advertising

Your content marketing program will always benefit from a paid boost. Paid digital advertising is the third leg of the digital marketing stool because it covers the bases your website and content marketing don’t reach.

A first step to effective digital advertising is thoughtful keyword research. What words and phrases do you want your website to be associated with, so that when someone searches online for those terms, your site appears at the top of the results?

Once you’ve determined the keywords you are after, it’s time to budget your ad spend. Pay-per-click advertising is based on a competitive bidding system that pits you and other organizations interested in the same keywords against each other. Be mindful not to overspend, but also be ready to spend enough to implement a keyword campaign that gets results.

It takes some practice to optimize, but when you find your sweet spot, you’ll have a digital advertising program that is the perfect complement to your content marketing campaign and website.  

No one leg of this digital marketing stool can stand without the other two. All three are needed to really gain traction with your online goals.

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