A real estate website Should quickly attract and engage clients and prospects

Real estate websites contain a lot of information so it is extremely important that it be visually pleasing, uncluttered, and reach its target market quickly.

Here are three examples of Realtor websites that do a great job. They include the essential elements for optimal user experiences including beautiful and compelling images and are clearly marketing to a target audience. 

1) Vermont Luxury Condos

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 12.20.58 PM.png

This is a niche marketing site based around luxury condos, and it wastes no time at all making this clear. It's even in the website name! This is great because it serves as a first-level filter for visitors.

If prospects are not interested in luxury condos, they're just going to leave the site. Meanwhile, the site owners ensure that anyone spends time looking around is genuinely interested in the luxury condo market.

You'll also see that there is a search bar front and center, allowing visitors to quickly and easily find a property that matches their criteria.

Their is also a search bar at the bottom of the page - being easy to search is a critical part of Realtor website design.

The menu here isn't overwhelming - in particular, it is easy for people to search for properties by both region and price. If you look at the listings themselves, you'll see that each is fully-detailed to explain life at that location, and the photographs are big and bold in order to show off the locations in question.

Finally, the 'About' page is short and to the point, but also contains helpful details like what to expect of the team's service, experience, and expertise.

This is what doing it right looks like.

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2) South Village


This is another niche market - and like Vermont Luxury Condos, visitors immediately understand what types of properties they can expect to see on this site (specifically, those featuring Conservation and Agrihood).

As a neighborhood-focused site, the lead images focus on the community spaces as well as views from above, emphasizing the green nature of the area.

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Following this, there is a selection of blog posts that further elaborate on the region and its values. After this intro visitors are shown homes that are available for purchase or lease. The visitor gets a quick picture of the development as a whole before being guided towards specific offerings.

The About section is robust - as it needs to be, given the complexity of offerings. This part of the site serves as a way to further educate visitors and sell the idea of living in this specialized community.

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Finally, searching for homes is made easier thanks to a breakdown between homes for sale, condominiums and town homes, lots for sale, and leasing options. Anyone interested in learning more about price and availability is given a complete picture without having to search around too much.

The photography is professional and gives the visitor a real sense of the community, almost as if they've had a tour of the whole area.


3) William Pitt


Videos can be tricky on a home page - especially because of the way they can delay loading on mobile devices. That said, if you're going to use videos, this is a pretty good example of how to do it.

The video is slow moving enough that it is not too distracting and it is of properties that are available, so the visitor is immediately drawn in to some pretty spectacular footage. The information about the property in each video is displayed clearly, which helps to ground them to a specific location.

These videos really help to sell the region by offering breathtaking views, and they're supported by a straightforward search bar that breaks the properties down by various sections.

Right below that, we have a section of featured properties, and it's all supported by an About page that introduces the Realtors and their methods.

Copy of Copy of sailorsclub (2).pngAs a site featuring expensive homes, investment is obviously of interest to most visitors - and they've made things easier by offering a quarterly magazine detailing how the market's been doing.

All of this information is complete without being overwhelming, and an excellent resource for serious buyers and sellers trying to decide when to make their move.

Finally, visitors to the site can search the various communities where homes are available. Areas are divided into popular categories such as commuter towns (a very important aspect for some), beachfront homes, or visitors can search easily by county.

An added feature is that the website can be translated into many of the languages international buyers are likely to use. Now that's good customer service.

Take a look at these websites for inspiring designs and structural elements. If you're looking to build or re-design your own real estate websites, these are great examples to have on hand.

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