Effectively Marketing a Consulting Business Starts with a Website – But it doesn't end there.

Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have for promoting your business; however, your promotion strategy can’t stop with your website – it simply isn’t enough.

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We recommend using your website as a foundation for your inbound marketing program, and building additional marketing efforts on top. Here's how.

Generate Great Content

Great content is likely exactly what your potential prospects are searching for. Focus on providing your readers and visitors with value at every interaction. You're an expert in your industry; take advantage of that position.

Detailed: Your readers should come away from your content feeling like they've actually learned something they can put to use in their daily lives.

This allows you to take advantage of reciprocation, a customer who receive something valuable from you are more likely to give you their business.

Original: Original content stands out from the crowd because it tends to address an issue in a way readers haven't encountered before. You'll more effectively cultivate a loyal community for your content if you provide original content, from a perspective that doesn't already exist or cannot be easily replicated.

Relevant: Sometimes, the best content is evergreen, which means that it will stay relevant for years. This includes general industry advice and strategic concepts.

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That doesn't mean you should only produce evergreen content - sometimes time-sensitive information is more valuable - but don't publishing material that no longer matters to your readers.

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How will generating content help my business?

Helpful content establishes you as a leader in your industry. Searchers aren't just interested in finding leaders - they're actively looking for them.

Your potential clients have a problem and want the best solution they can get, and often, that means finding an expert. Use content to make yourself that expert.

Being an industry leader is especially crucial to marketing consulting services. Simply put, your potential clients are looking for a guide to trust. In order to gain their business, you’ve got to prove to them that you know your industry, and that you're the right person to help them through the issues they face.

When you demonstrate that you understand their problem, you'll have their attention. When you explain how you can solve that problem, you'll have their business.

We love blogging as a straightforward, effective way to provide regular content. A great blog can develop a loyal audience, and you can use your blog posts to inform both regular readers and first-time visitors.

Connect With Customers

Websites shouldn't be your only point of contact. Many customers are looking elsewhere for information, and if you want to be found, you have to go where they are.

A_Website_Isnt_Enough_To_Promote_Your_Consulting_Business_Pinterest.jpgEmail: Newsletters are a way to connect with your customers after they've left your website. We recommend including a call-to-action with all your content, and using it to request visitor email information. Sending out a newsletter on a regular basis helps keep your name associated with a given topic.

Your visitors will associate you with that topic, and their opinion of you at that point will have a major impact on whether or not they give you any more business.

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Digital Advertising: Organic content gets the majority of clicks, but paid advertisements can help you reach customers who are ready to buy your services.

However, don't just throw your money into a marketing campaign - if you're going to promote your business right, you’ll want to define your ideal customers and tailor your advertisements for each demographic.

Look at metrics like which keyword searches result in the highest conversion rate and focus your advertising efforts where they’re most likely to succeed.

Online Interaction: People are naturally social - and many of them want a chance to talk with you before they buy your services, especially in professional services industries. This means you'll have to put real effort into being available for them, usually on major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and in the comments section of your blog.

If your prospects or customers have questions, answer them! The faster and better your response, the better their opinion of you will be.

What this all comes down to is promoting your consulting business is not a one-and-done situation. To effectively communicate with and market to your potential customers, a great website is only the beginning – you have to actively produce material that brings them in and advertise in the places they visit.

This isn't an overnight process; in fact, it usually takes weeks or months to set up a powerful marketing campaign. Each component may only bring in a trickle of customers, but when you have hundreds of high-quality posts and intelligently targeted ads, that trickle can become a flood of quality prospects.

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