we've often talked about growing your Website traffic, But Attracting more visitors isn't enough to create success With Inbound marketing.

Ultimately, you have to walk visitors through the buyer's journey before you can convert them into clients.

Here are the three keys to converting your website visitors into customers:

1) Use your Call-to-Action

The call-to-action is what actually converts visitors into leads - without it, you're presenting great content without telling them what you'd like them to do next.

Bereft of direction, most people will just hit 'Back' and go on to do something else. Want help writing an effective call-to-action? Check out this helpful guide.

There are four major types of calls-to-action:

A) Purchase

A purchase-based CTA prompts the reader to actually buy a product (or, in some cases, donate money). It's usually paired with some kind of deal or offer, such as a discount on the item being sold.

This helps to trigger FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, so they'll purchase immediately instead of waiting and potentially losing out on the deal.

B) Download

A download-focused CTA prompts the reader to download (and hopefully use) an offer or gift. Ebooks and case studies are popular options, but prospective customers can also be prompted to download software, or other "free trial" offers. If you want them to just buy your product right away, you should use a purchase-focused CTA instead.

C) Register

A registration-based CTA tries to get the reader to become a member. This is usually, but not always, registering an account on a website. It can also be used to enable membership in an organization (usually followed by sending them mail, offers, or products).

D) Subscribe

Subscription CTAs focus on getting people to provide their email address, usually with the goal of signing them up for your company's newsletter.

This is usually preferable for the times when directing visitors with a purchase CTA won't work, and later in the sales cycle is more likely, after they have more experiences with your company

In recent years, subscription CTAs have expanded to include requests for people to follow companies on social media. This is not a replacement for email - it's a supplement.


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2) Have a cohesive look and feel

All of your marketing, especially on your website, should have a cohesive look and feel to it.

If visitors feel like your content was created by a dozen different people, all of whom had different ideas about your brand and what you're trying to do, then they're going to have a disjointed experience... and that doesn't help you convince them to convert.


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To help with this, try to have the same one or two people write most of your content. This will help ensure that the tone matches across all your forms of media.

The exception to this, of course, is if you're specifically bringing in an outsider - having a professional in your industry do a guest post can be very rewarding, as long as it's done correctly.

However, guest posts should be clearly labeled as such... and limited to your main blog. Guest blogger's posts should never be presented in a way that could cause confusion with your company and brand.


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3) Focus on Your audience

You don't need to send the same content to everyone - in fact, that's usually a bad idea, because it can limit amplification of your message.

Instead, start segmenting your audience into distinct groups.

There are two important places to do this:

Website-Convert-To-Clients-Pinterest.jpgA) Email

For email, groups should be made based on their behaviors.

For example, people who've never bought from you should be in one group (and tantalized with great entry offers), while frequent buyers should be told about new products and offered access to some kind of rewards program.

By segmenting email lists, you can focus on ensuring that each person you contact gets the content most likely to convince them to further support you.


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MailChimp, one of the larger providers of email services for businesses, did an internal review of this process - and it definitely has a positive effect. Most notably, the click rates were nearly 60% higher as of their August 1, 2016 update.

If you aren't segmenting your email lists yet, doing so could be the single best way to improve the success of your email marketing.

B) Blog Posts

Blog posts should also be targeted to specific parts of your target audience.

It's much easier to connect with people when you know who your likely readers are - without that, you're left to guess and flounder, and that's inefficient even at its best.


Your Audience is Everything

It's easier to convert web visitors into customers, clients, donors, and fans when you follow these inbound marketing keys.

Ultimately, your audience is everything - that's why all of your content should provide value and be focused on what matters to them!

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