Social media has been a popular marketing tool for a while now, but have you considered utilizing certain platforms to sell real estate? If not, you are missing out! Your audience is online and the best way to reach the average web surfer is through social media.

Not every platform is suitable for realtors, but real estate websites, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs are great for real estate.


Real Estate Websites

Most house-hunting now starts with an online search. In fact, 45% of buyers tour a home online before contacting a realtor or visiting the home. Sites like Zillow,, and others are very popular and guaranteed to garner traffic.

Have a variety of quality photos

  • The viewer wants to take a tour without having to leave their own home, so post photos that give the viewer a genuine impression of the property.


Keep listings up-to-date

  • Make sure all contact and listing information is updated and accurate. You want to make it as easy as possible for interested buyers to contact you.


Check-in on your online listings regularly

  • Checking these sites is important if you actually want to see results. Make sure you are keeping in contact with anyone trying to reach you online.


Remember your Realtor profile

  • Your profile is a great resource for buyers and sellers looking for an agent. Have your contact information readily available and fill out your realtor profile completely.


Still the king of social media, Facebook is used by 79% of agents! Supporting a wide variety of media, Facebook allows you to post many types of content in a variety of ways, leaving you some room for a little creativity.


  • Facebook allows business pages to pay for promoted ads and are used by 72% of B2C marketers. You are guaranteed to get more views on promoted posts and can increase engagement. You will want a social media budget to cover pay-to-promote posts.


Catch your reader’s attention

  • Utilize what you have to offer about the listing by posting captions that will emphasize the perks and intrigue potential buyers.


Post often (but not too often)

  • Yes, you want your listings to be posted on a regular basis to create a stream of traffic, but posting too often will flood a follower’s timeline and might lose you some followers. A content calendar is helpful for creating a posting schedule.


Change it up

  • Facebook supports a variety of media, so take advantage by showing more than just listings. Your page can be a source of information for buyers, so try answering common questions and sharing helpful resources, as well as information on any other services you may provide.

Post Videos

  • Facebook users respond extremely well to videos, so try to include them along with your traditional photo posts. Create a video tour of a listing walk-through or add a video that features something special about the listing, like a hidden murphy bed or a secret passageway between rooms.

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As an image-based platform, Instagram is a great way to show listings and reach more viewers. High-quality imagery is most important when using Instagram, but making great looking posts is easy for even the least tech-savvy folks.

Post regularly

  • Instagram works best when there is a stream of quality content. Consider making a content calendar to schedule postings to ensure posts are frequent enough without being overwhelming.


Utilize features

  • Instagram allows you to post multiple photos in a carousel display, as well as videos. The better you showcase your listings the more likely you are to grab a viewer’s attention.
  • Instagram also has a Boomerang feature, which takes photo bursts and turns them into a video that plays both backwards and forwards. This is a fun way to use the app features and creates engaging and eye-catching posts.



  • Although you might hear about hashtagging on other platforms, hashtagging in your caption is actually very helpful on Instagram; focus on tags used in the area of your listing and use them to reach your target audience.


Instagram Stories

  • Instagram stories are posts that last for 24 hours. Although they are temporary, stories are a great way to share information on Instagram. Stories can include photos, videos, text, filters, include locations and hashtags, and added emojis. They are featured at the top of users’ main Instagram feed, and there is a high chance that followers will see your story even if Instagram’s algorithm does not show them your most recent post.


Beyond listing information, blogs allow you to go in-depth about your business. A blog can be a great resource for realtors, buyers, and sellers, so try to target a wider audience.


  • You want your content to be read, so search engine optimizing your blog is a must. Visit our post on Local SEO for Realtors for more information on how to optimize your blog.


Get detailed

  • When posting to other platforms, brevity is appreciated; however, with blogs, you can go more into detail about the surrounding community and other perks of the listing and location. Tell your reader more here than they will find anywhere else.


Use CTA’s

  • A blog is a perfect opportunity to connect with your reader. Include a call-to-action in the blog to encourage your reader to keep in touch. You are providing a valuable resource to your readers, so encourage them to continue coming to you as a source.


Make a calendar

  • With so many different platforms, you want to keep all your content on track. Try making a Real Estate Blog Calendar to organize your posts and ensure a consistent posting schedule.

The internet is your best bet for reaching your target audience, and by following these best practices you will reach and engage with your potential buyers, sellers, renters, and realtors alike.


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