I'm passionate about communication and connection! I love words, writing, advertising, marketing, branding, and analytics. I'm fascinated by the intersection of psychology and commerce and the inescapable commonality of our shared humanity. I also like smoked meats, thrift stores, long walks in the sun, and the Rolling Stones.

Posts By Valerie

9 Minute Read

Nobody Knows You're NOT A Dog: 5 Social ...

Valerie   |     01, Jul 2015
4 Minute Read

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Digital...

Valerie   |     13, Jun 2015
4 Minute Read

Small Business Social Media Multitasking

Valerie   |     30, Jul 2014
3 Minute Read

Vermont Content Marketing Consultant, Ch...

Valerie   |     08, Jul 2014
10 Minute Read

7 Starting Points for Small Business Soc...

Valerie   |     20, May 2014
3 Minute Read

Graphic Designer, Mat Koenemann

Valerie   |     19, May 2014

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