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Laura Hill

I love marketing strategy. I am in my element when I am working with someone to develop a creative and thoughtful approach to promoting a product or business
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Why Website Analytics Are Essential to Your Marketing Plan

How to find powerful data and make use of it

4 Tips to Improve Inbound Marketing on a Budget

I applaud anyone who has started and maintained a robust inbound marketing campaign.

3 Ways to Fit a Digital Marketing Campaign into Your Budget

How your business can afford the key elements of digital marketing

3 Ways to Fit Inbound Marketing into Your Business Budget

Inbound marketing is a perfect program for a budget-conscious business. It’s also one of the most effective ways to market a business in the information age!

3 Steps to Determining How to Spend Your Marketing Budget

A marketing budget can read as a statement of your business' priorities

The more forethought and planning you put into it, the more effective it will be for helping you to reach your business goals.

4 Steps to Create a Marketing Plan That Fits Your Budget

Do your marketing dollars seem to fly out the door at a head-spinning pace? Not sure how to gain foresight and control over your advertising budget?

Three Steps to Give Your Marketing Plan a Summer Checkup

Want a more successful second half of the year? Here’s how to refocus your efforts and improve your marketing momentum.

The Three Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategy

Be strong in all three to get the most out of your efforts

4 Ways to Leverage Your Realtor Website for Marketing Purposes

Your Realtor Website Is a Wealth of Marketable Assets

5 Key Elements of Successful Realtor Websites

A website is a powerful tool for real estate professionals that serves several functions.

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